Bed bugs are a very small insect that is reddish-brown and flat and feeds on the blood of both animals and people. Since they will live in the bed and feed on a person while they sleep that is how they got their name. Modern times seems to be seeing more and more instances of bed bug infestations so more people are looking for bed bug control Delta, or where they are.

Despite their name, they do not just stick to beds. They can live elsewhere in the home, therefore, becoming hard to get rid of, when people treat beds but miss places like furniture, chairs, upholstery and other small dark safe areas. Do not think you can just ignore bed bugs, there are health risks to having them.

No recognized disease but there is potential for an allergic reaction

Unlike some other typical pests that come into a home, bed bugs themselves are not disease carriers. However, that does not mean they should just be ignored. There is still a risk to the health of people living with them. Sometimes the bites cause an allergic reaction which then requires treatment as it can cause major swelling, itchiness, and discomfort. Having bed bugs and itchy bites all the time is stressful too and can lead to a person becoming anxious. When they are discovered they need to be treated by professional pest control experts. Search for bed bug control Langley to find a company local.

Potentially carrying MRSA
There is some research being undertaken to check bed bugs for Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus or MRSA. This is an infection of the joints, blood, and skin and it can also result in pneumonia. This is especially a concern for areas that have a high infestation. Currently, there is no actual proof but the research so far suggests some might be carriers so that is even more reason to find bed bug control Delta.

Symptoms to look for that need medical care
As mentioned there is a risk of reacting to the bites. This is a problem especially if it involves the mouth or breathing problems. Small children need to be closely monitored if they have bites as an allergic reaction in them, or in seniors, could become more serious. Some of the more serious reactions to look for are below. Should you observe any take the sufferer straight away to see a doctor.

• Wheezing
• Shortness of breath and difficulty breathing
• Feeling dizzy or fainting
• Chest pains
• Swallowing is difficult
• Tongue swelling and/or lips swelling
• Fever that has no other cause
• Redness around the bite spreading out
• Rashes on the body

While most people are not allergic to bed bugs bites, some are, and these symptoms mean they need medical care straight away. To avoid a situation like this strongly consider bringing someone in to take proper action against the bugs, the best experts in bed bug control Langley or where you are.

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This article is penned by Lora Davis for Advance Pest Control who are among the leaders in providing pest control services in Delta, Calgary and other areas surrounding Vancouver city.