I am pretty sure that we all know what a avocado is, and have consumed some in a salad or on a slice of toast [my favorite way] at some time or other. Most people love this food and eat it as often as possible but it is a acquired taste [or so I am told] and some think it is just awful and these unlucky ones are losing out on the goodness that this pear provides.

A bit about avocado
[the botanical name of avocado is Persea Americana]

There are about 80 or so different varieties [my all time favorite is the butter pear] and the trees [takes 4-6 years for an avocado tree propagated by seed to bear fruit] that produce them are evergreen and able to grow and produce in diverse conditions [the health benefits of avocado is so widely known that it is cultivated in most parts of the world]. A typical avocado tree can produce between 200 and 400 fruits annually and they come in a few different colors [black, green, purple and dark green].

Some change color as they ripen while others maintain their original color and just soften to show their ripeness. The Mayan's believed this fruit to have magical and mystical powers, so even years and years ago this fruit was known to enhance our wellness and nutritional intake.

Benefits of avocado

This fruit is a good source of the following nutritionally healthy supplements

* copper
* fluorine
* vitamin E
* vitamin B complex
* potassium [a high amount]
* lecithin
* fats [the good type]

Besides being a nutritionally dense fruit it is also believed to have 'cooling energy' and around 300 calories per fruit [20% is mono-unsaturated fat which helps maintain good levels of cholesterol].

This fruit also aids in the following:

* lubrication for the lungs and large intestine
* assisting with the normal function of the blood
* aids the liver functions
* soothes the bladder in adverse health conditions
* counteracts erectile dysfunction
* promotes better bowel movements
* helps ease nervousness
* assists with sleeping

Other uses of this amazing fruit

It is very good as a skin/hair conditioner and helps with dry skin or hair when mashed and applied to the affected area.

Be aware - because of the high fat/oil content of this fruit the avocado can go rotten very quickly once it has ripened [put the fruit in the fridge if you are not going to use it straight away, this is to retard the deterioration of the fruit]

As you can see the benefits of eating avocado are endless and it is no wonder that this fruit is a known as a natural super food.

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