Just once, we all want to go to visit the places where our Beloved Holy Prophet (PBUH) spent His life. Every year millions of pilgrims move towards the holy cities Makkah and Madinah, Saudi Arabia. But, before going on a spiritual journey, there are mandatory tips for pilgrims during Hajj. If you consider these health tips then you will enjoy more in the House of Allah.

We all know that on the occasion of Hajj, meeting and mixing with a huge number of people with numerous rituals are very tough to work for everyone. The constantly on the move from one place to another to perform all rites according to Sunnah, persons feel not well after this. Therefore, consultants give the advice to pay double attention to the condition of their health. Don’t ignore your health because health is wealth. Consider the health tips first and then move on further.

There are certain health tips and anticipatory steps that may help them to complete the rites of Hajj with least health. But, some of these health tips are compulsory to get a Hajj Visa.

Health Tips for Pilgrims

Now let us see the health tips here,

Consult Your Doctor

Before traveling to the Hajj, it is extremely recommended for pilgrims to consult with doctors or physicians. Complete your all body test and the process of vaccines which are necessary for Hajj.

First Aid Box

When you pack your bag then, first of all, keep one first aid box in your bag. The first aid box is filled with all necessary medicines such as painkillers, cough syrup, blood pressure and diabetes tablets, and gels. This box is highly recommended when you are going on the religious journey.

Get a Medical Certificate

The pilgrims who are suffering from serious diseases, for them, there is necessary to get medical certificates from their consultant. In the medical card, all of your medicines names and doses must be mentioned. In the case of emergency, this medical card helps you during the Hajj.

Enough Toiletries

For pilgrims, it is highly recommended that keep enough toiletries along with them for their personal hygiene. You must take the soaps, towels, lotion, Vaseline, toothbrush, hairbrush, and shaving kit. Safe yourself and others to avoid spitting on the ground because various diseases and the infection spread from saliva. Use dustbin or waste cans for filthy material and keeps the streets clean.

So, these are the best health tips before and during Hajj. You must consider these health tips to get healthy and relax Hajj.

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