Lots of people complaints that they are gaining weight from the medicine which they are taken. In some cases it happen. If your condition requires a medicine whose side effects result in weight gain, these tips will help limit the impact on your body.

1. Increase physical activity

By exercising, you burn calories and will limit at the same time, adding a few pounds extra. It is not necessary to subscribe to a gym to compensate for the impact of medication on your figure. Walking, cycling, swimming, snowshoeing. If you prefer, you can purchase an exercise machine that you install in your home, but remember that motivation is higher when doing group work. It should be noted that some of the medicines mentioned above can remove the desire to enable or cause some fatigue. It is therefore necessary to show even greater motivation.

2. Avoid many snacks

Characteristic of several medicines to stimulate appetite. However, often eat between meals increase the number of calories in a single day. Invariably, you will earn one, two, three, five kilos. Keep it up with your three meals a day and two snacks with protein (one in the morning and evening). Disregard of cravings or cravings that beset you. They are due to the medication and not real hunger. Put a note on your fridge or pantry can help you control it. Finally, if you are really hungry, eat vegetables! They do not weigh heavily in the balance and soothe your hunger or your need to eat.

3. Count the calories

Some medicines must be absorbed with food. However, it is easy to be tempted and eat more than necessary, because of the instructions that accompany the medication. To you to make the necessary efforts to calculate calories each day. Also, medicines blurring satiety signals, you may need a nutritionist to determine what portion you with food for you. If possible, consult a nutritionist who can help you control the portions you should eat meals based on the physical activity you do in a day. Note that you can eat as many vegetables as you want (except for the potato, which is considered a starch as well as pasta or rice).

4. Cut down on salt

Some medications, cortisone for example, have an impact on the functioning of the kidneys. Generally, it causes water retention and salt. Is there a sodium-free diet. This will limit the weight gain. And it will be easier to lose a few pounds once your treatment is finished.

5. Limit consumption of sugary drinks

Several medicines identified here make you drink sweeter drinks. However, these fluids contain a lot of calories which have a direct effect on your waistline. Prefer water and fruit juices without sugar. Urinate frequently.

6. Pamper yourself

Same patient, you need to relax. Choose an activity, eg yoga, which will help you relax. You live your treatment easier and you will have less tendency to consume food or empty calories, you will invariably fat. On occasion, treat yourself.

7. Healthy habits

Do you charge a healthy lifestyle. Reduce stress, sleep more, avoid consumption of alcohol. If necessary, you impose a regime without pay in excess. In short, think of you.

8. Medicines

If you really too hungry and that feeling is very unpleasant, your doctor may prescribe an appetite suppressant medicine. Unfortunately, sometimes these medicines cause other side effects. This is something to think about.

At any time, when a doctor prescribes a medication, do not hesitate to inform you of the side effects that the medication can cause. And take all necessary measures to limit weight gain. Acting at the beginning of treatment, you do not wear better. You also avoid the negative thoughts that may assail you when you stop in front of a mirror. And, once the medication is complete, you can easily find a healthy weight.

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