Many older Americans experience various types of joint pain. Some might stem from old injuries, others from arthritis, or simply too much wear and tear. Pain medication and surgery are some of the most drastic ways to treat joint pain. But before you get there, here are some health tips to help prevent this joint pain from happening as you age.

Keep Moving

There is a golden rule when it comes to joint health: keeping in motion will relieve stiffness. Some of the most powerful joint pain arises from stiffness and not regularly moving your joints. It is important to note that stiffness often arises from a sedentary lifestyle. Be sure to move and stretch from time to time throughout their day, regardless of what you are doing. For people who sit behind desks as they work, it is important to stand up and walk around a little every few hours.

Protect Joints from Injury

Whenever possible, people who experience some form of joint pain need to take extra care to protect their joints from injury. When it comes to things like bike riding and roller skating, the right padding and protective gear should be worn. Much the same can be said for people who play recreational or professional contact sports. At the same time, a brace of some kind can be worn to strengthen the joint as another way to proactively stand against injury. Be sure to work different areas of the body as well so one joint doesn’t get too much use. If you notice persistent knee cracking, ankle cracking, or pain in one area, it may be a sign of having to much use.

Shed a Few Pounds

It is a fact that weight puts extra strain on joints, especially the knees and hips. When joint pain begins to become routine, some doctors will suggest some weight loss as one of the first ways to lessen the pain. It is important to note that every pound of weight lost equals four pounds of pressure taken off the body. Drastic measures do not need to be taken. Simply losing ten percent of body weight is a great way to start, and it only means losing a few pounds in most cases. The larger the person, the larger number this percentage will equal.

Resist Stretching Before Exercising

Most people believe stretching makes them more limber, and it is very beneficial to stretch muscles after exercise. According to a chiropractor in Charlotte NC, it should not be done when muscles are cold as it can make them weaker. Warm up muscles slowly with light walking or jogging before loosening up joints and tissue around them before stretching muscles further.

There are many ways to go about preventing and treating joint pain. Some of these ways are minor life changes people have to make in order to experience far less pain over time.

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