Countless benefits can be had from a regular exercise regimen and they far surpass aesthetic reasons. Throughout the ages, it has been long proven than an active lifestyle can go a long way in promoting overall health and well-being. When one engages in a regular exercise regimen, it is a manifestation of being appreciative of the body’s wonders as well as showing care and concern for oneself. Just like a machine that functions more efficiently when constantly stimulated, exercising delivers tremendous benefits to the body’s vitality and endurance as it is a way of harnessing bodily processes. The body can only function more effectively when exercising and such can offer great rewards in achieving a state of overall health.

It may take deliberate effort to exercise but the gains obtainable from it are well worth the hard work as when the body gets accustomed to exercising, the task eventually becomes inherent and would become effortless. Conditioning the body to exercise regularly conditions the mind as well, so in any angle it is perceived, there are innumerable reasons why one should exercise. One of the best exercises offering a plethora of health benefits is cardio. Jogging or working out in a treadmill or a stationary bike are some of the forms of cardio. One may think that such exercises are primarily for the purpose of eliminating fat and losing weight, but there is actually more to that.

Foremost, cardio accelerates the overall functions of the heart thereby strengthening that major organ and lengthening the life span. Heart attacks in heavier people due to clogged arteries can be prevented through regular cardio. Cardio likewise prevents high blood pressure and serves to promote a lower resting heart rate. A cardio regimen develops a person’s stamina and endurance in due course, hence, less strain is imposed on the heart despite arduous effort. Cardio basically centers on the heart which is the core of life and well-being so it may be irrefutable that it is one of the best means to restore and maintain overall health.

Much more so, such exercise alleviates and diminishes anxiety and depression, thus, a more fulfilling life is included within its package of benefits. Aesthetically wise, cardio shows off the muscles as it increases muscular blood flow which consequently brings more nutrients for better muscular performance and growth. Such exercises necessarily do not entail confinement in a gym with fitness equipments. Cardio exercises can be a fun outdoor enterprise, too, as jogging, swimming and rollerblading are considered as some of its variations. The same can be said with sports like soccer, football and basketball. The concept of exercise being drudgery can be disproved as one may even express their creativity through cardio.

For instance, one could fill a bag with sand, pick it up, put it on a table and put it down again, and presto! One has successfully done wonders for the heart. The same can be said with hitting a punching bag while doing feet movements as well. For those who are already lean, a twice a week cardio regimen will suffice whereas 3 to 5 times a week of regular cardio is recommended for those who want to lose weight. Why not hit two birds with one stone when you can? With cardio, one gains rewards for the heart and enjoys a pleasurable hobby as well.

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