Barbecue Sauce Beneficial
Chicken Wing Drumettes

Easy barbecue sauce is not only healthful, not only easy, but it clings thickly to the food, isn't sugary, and is mouthwatering.

Get out your blender. Fetch a head of jumbo garlic, your best friend. Keep this a secret: You don't have to peel the individual cloves, no one will know! Put the cloves in the blender.

Shake a bottle of Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce: That is the one that has the antique-looking paper from top to bottom.
Lea & Perrins is the ONLY Worcestershire sauce: It has tamarind and other magic ingredients. Pour the black liquid to just under the tips of the garlic cloves – which will probably be about a cup out of the bottle. (Garlic cloves are in the blender, remember?)

Liquefy into a thickly frothy black gunk. Black gold it is. This is your barbecue sauce. Just make what you will use each time.
It does not taste like garlic or like Worcestershire sauce.

Chicken Wing Drumettes

Pour some of the sauce in a toaster oven size shallow pan. Put the package of chicken pieces close together but not crowding one another. Pour the rest of the sauce on them.

Bake in the oven at 350° for about half an hour (This time is from memory, chicken wing drumettes don't live in the wilderness one-horse grocery store here. If you want to know whether food is done, just sniff: The smell happens when the food is ready most all the time.

This meal is wonderful served on white rice. Taken to a potluck dinner, it will be the first to go and everyone will want the recipe.
One package of chicken wing pieces will serve two or three souls.
Or they can be glorious hors d'oeuvres.

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