Keeping our homes clean is one of the most critical steps to keep pests away from our living spaces. While regular cleaning and tidying can go a long way to maintaining a pest-free home, it does not always guarantee success. Sometimes, more thorough cleaning is necessary to get rid of all potential hiding spots for pests. This is where creating a cleaning schedule comes in. A regular and systematic approach ensures your home is kept as clean as possible without fail.


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  • Identify which room needs your maximum attention.

The first step in making an effective cleaning schedule is identifying which rooms need the most attention. For instance, kitchens tend to be the number one spot for pests such as mice, ants, and cockroaches, so this area should be cleaned much more regularly than in other parts of the house. On the other hand, bedrooms can often become cluttered with dirt and dust if not tended to properly - they should also be paid close attention to while setting up your cleaning schedule.

  • Set realistic goals. 

Once you have identified which areas need the most attention, set realistic goals based on your lifestyle and abilities. If you only have a few hours each week dedicated to deep-cleaning activities like vacuuming or scrubbing surfaces, then make sure you allocate those hours right off the bat so you do not run out of time later when things get hectic!

  • Do not ignore the small details. 

In addition to regular deep-cleaning activities like mopping floors or wiping down countertops, some smaller tasks can easily become overlooked but are just as crucial for keeping pests away – think about washing bedding every week (make sure your sheets are put into the washing machine at least once per month!), changing light fixtures often (dead bugs around lights can attract new ones!), or thoroughly cleaning behind large appliances (like refrigerators) at least once every six months.

  • Track down the nests. 

Do not forget to add extra time during each session explicitly dedicated to tracking down any potential nesting sites by looking through closets and cupboards; if you spot anything suspicious, it may be best removed immediately before more pests come into contact with it. our weekly cleaning schedule should also include daily tasks such as taking out the trash. This prevents rotting food from attracting rodents or insects into your house and scheduling regular maintenance checks on doors and windows. Double-check that window screens fit snugly and that door sweeps are not worn out.


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