If you are trying to get healthier you may be looking for simple and quick things that can be done in order to get to your health goals. For most guy’s this usually entails taking supplements. However, what most guy’s don’t realize is what they’re using to ingest the supplements is even more important. That’s right, water. Regardless of the reason for wanting to get healthier, one of the best ones that have been proven time and time again is to drink more water. In this article in Mens Health & Supplements we are going to talk about the importance of water for your health. Keep reading to learn more.

Helps you to lose weight

If you are looking to lose weight, water is one of the best things you can do to get there. Water will keep you more full for longer and will help with cravings. If you are full on the water you won’t crave sugar as much or other foods that will prohibit you from losing weight. It depends how much you weigh and how much you are working out for how much you should be drinking. We recommend at least 10 glasses of water per day and if you are sweating more or a larger person, you may want to increase that amount by almost double.

Keeps you hydrated

It’s obvious that when you are thirsty you drink water, but water keeps you hydrated which is more important than people realize. When you are well hydrated your eyes stay hydrated, your lips don’t chat, your skin stays more hydrated, there is more than just your mouth that needs to stay hydrated. Speaking of the mouth though, when you drink more water you produce more saliva. Saliva is very important for many different reasons. One of them being if you don’t have enough saliva it is bad for your mouth but it also creates bacteria in the mouth without it which will cause you to get bad breath. Save yourself the embarrassment and the extra dental bill and drink extra water.

Helps your skin, nails, and hair

Just as we stated above, your entire body will be healthier if you are well hydrated. This means your skin, nails, and hair will thank you for it. Your skin glows and acne is suddenly gone when you drink lots of water. If you have noticed a difference in your skin lately, try adding a couple additional grasses of water (and not soda) to your daily routine.

Helps to regulate your body temperature

Did you know that drinking water will help to regulate your body temperature? We were not kidding when it will help your entire body to function better. If you are feeling extra cold one day, you may not be drinking enough water. Same as for being too hot. If it’s the summer and you continue to get too hot, try adding more water into your diet and it may help to cool you down.

Helps your brain function

Your brain works better when you are working better. This means when you have enough water in your body and you are well hydrated that your brain function will naturally work better than if you were dehydrated. If you have a test or an important work call the next day and you need to be on top of your game, make sure to drink enough water a couple of days leading up to the important event.

Increases your workouts

Your workouts will improve when you drink more water daily. When your body is hydrated your muscles work better which will give you a better workout. When your body is hydrated it functions all around better. That means if you have a competition or you are trying to have a heavy leg day at the gym, make sure you are drinking water the day before. Once you actually come to the day, it won’t matter as much what you are doing that day, it matters how you took care of your body the day before.

Prevents constipation

Drinking more water helps your bodies digestion. If you are feeling constipated at all, drinking more water will help to make you more regular. You will notice your entire insides are working when you drink more water. If you also have an upset stomach or just want your food to move a little faster through you for whatever reason, make sure you drink more water.

Helps fight illnesses

If you are starting to feel sick you may want to increase the amount of water you are drinking. Many people drink more tea when they are starting to feel under the weather. When you are well hydrated it will help to fight bacteria that are trying to enter your body. It also helps to flush out any harsh toxins that are in your body so if you are starting to feel sick and drink extra water, you may not even end up getting sick in the first place. If you notice others around you that are sick, you can always increase your water intake at this point. If it’s flu season or you know the weather is starting to change, try increasing your water consumption here too. It really will help.

As you can see, water is so important for your overall health. It will assist you if you are looking to lose weight and will help you get to your overall goals. For more information on water and getting healthier, make sure you check out our website where she shares everything from men’s health tips to the benefits of different supplements. We look forward to having you read more there.

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