Human growth hormones (HGH) are naturally occurring hormones that is produced by pituitary gland that is known as master gland. For this reason, growth hormones are also called master hormones. HGH serves as the catalyst for growth of cells, tissues and organs. Furthermore, HGH is essential for maintaining sufficient muscle mass, immunity against diseases, for fit and healthy brain, for physical strength and proper sexual life. Most importantly growth hormones are anti ageing hormones and help to resist the advent of old age.

Symptoms of Low HGH:

Pituitary gland secretes sufficient quantities of HGH till late 20s but after that the production drops significantly resulting in attack of various diseases. Symptoms of low HGH are retarded physical, mental and sexual growth in children. For adults, symptoms include reduced libido, depression, anxiety, lean muscle mass, weak bones and low bones density, weight gain, mental and physical degeneration and ageing.

Medical treatments:

But in modern world of medical science, these low testosterone maladies can be treated by undergoing Hormone Replacement Treatment in which body is supplemented by adding synthetic growth hormones. Similarly you can use Testosterone Replacement Therapy where testosterone are analogous to growth hormones and perform almost the same functions.

Effective diet:

In addition to medical aids try to improve your hormones level naturally be eating food that boosts the production of growth hormones.

Some of these diets that are useful for ample secretion of HGH are.

Take diet that is low in sugar:

Always to try to eat at least 6-7 meals daily and avoid to intake diets that are rich in sugar and simple carbohydrates. Sugar and carbohydrates have adverse effects on the production of growth hormones. Sugar causes fat accumulation in the body and produces insulin that hampers the performance of HGH by preventing HGH to burn extra fat and building muscle mass.


Increase the amount of lean proteins in your every meal like fat free cheese, apple, beans, beef, pumpkin and watermelon seeds. Proteins enhance the production of growth hormones and block the excessive synthesis of insulin in the body. Furthermore, always eat something rich in proteins almost about 2 hours prior of starting any work even if you are not hungry. This will help you to boost your HG production, will impart extra energy in you to do your work and will help to burn some extra fats.

Complex carbohydrates:

Also incorporates complex carbohydrates in each and every meal like grains, legumes, fibers and fruits. They are also beneficial for the adequate secretion of HGH.

Adequate fat reserves are necessary:

There is a big confusion about whether fats decrease or increase the number of hormones in the body. Although fat accumulation is a big hurdle in maintaining sufficient levels of growth hormones yet we need to have enough fats in our body to actually stimulate hormone production. So you must be very careful in eating food items that contain fats and regularly check that you are not gaining weight which is also dangerous for HGH.

Eating before sleeping:

The habit of going to sleep immediately after taking a meal is also killer of growth hormones. What happens is that you do not do any exercise after meals and body stores the food as fats instead of consuming it for body functions and excess of fat is extremely deleterious.

Glycemic index:

Glycemic index is actually rate of conversion of carbohydrates in the body. If index is high, there is excess of blood sugar in the body and vice versa. Blood sugar also forces hormone production to decline. Consumption of vegetables and fruits can help a lot to reduce Glycemic Index and restores the normal production of growth hormones.


HGH is extremely essential for normal growth, maintaining youth and avoiding many diseases. Consequences of growth hormone deficiency could be drastic and therefore we must use both medical and natural treatments for restoring and enhancing the production of this commodious hormone.

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