Our health depends on three components: lifestyle, duration of sleep and nutrition. And of course, there is still a hereditary factor. It is known that proper nutrition plays a leading role in maintaining health. If you adhere to the basic principles of healthy eating, the body will not fail, and the slim figure will be provided. Unfortunately, many people believe that a healthy diet is in diets, but this is a delusion. However, you need to constantly monitor your weight and diet. That is why you should know, learn and follow the basic rules of healthy eating.

Healthy nutrition is nutrition that provides the body with all the substances necessary for maintaining health is proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, macro and microelements, and other biologically important components. Many people believe that if you listen to yourself, you can understand which products are beneficial and well-being, and which ones are not. Of course, you need to respect the needs of your body and the body itself, to be an ally, not an enemy, but at the same time, you should listen to the recommendations of scientists who are constantly working on the basic principles of proper nutrition.

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International organizations such as the World Health Organization, as well as national institutes and universities, are working on agreed nutritional guidelines for the population. You need to know that the concept of healthy eating has age characteristics and characteristics. It is equally important to eat right at any age, but the needs of the body are significantly different in children, middle-aged and elderly people. It is important for children to get enough nutrients and vitamins to grow and develop the body, but adults with an already formed body and metabolism should reasonably approach their taste preferences. So what are these modern scientific recommendations?
General harmonized scientific recommendations today call for balancing the consumption of red meat and butter and replacing saturated fats of animal and dairy origin with mono- and polyunsaturated fats of vegetable origin. Many recommendations concern the need to reduce the intake of sugar and salt.

The traditional model of food consumption in the USA cannot be called “healthy”: a large amount of meat and processed meat products, the use of white flour only, low content of vegetables and fruits, a lot of baked sweets and a high content of sugar and salt in daily consumption products. This nutritional model is largely responsible for the spread of modern diseases: cardiovascular, diabetes, atherosclerosis, obesity, cancer, etc.

A healthy diet significantly reduces the risk of all these diseases. Properly chosen diet has a beneficial effect on metabolic processes, which helps to maintain normal cholesterol levels, controls blood pressure levels, prevents the accumulation of excess weight.

Today, even the fact that eating right, it is possible to effectively treat many diseases and even correct the genetic predisposition to certain diseases, is no longer in doubt.

In our articles, we will help you understand the features and useful properties of a particular product, give various interesting facts about the vegetarian lifestyle, the basics of proper nutrition, ways of preparing healthy food, dispel some myths. Information in the articles to the best of popular science, accessible, understandable and very interesting. Read and replenish your baggage of knowledge about nutrition!

And it should be noted another principle of proper nutrition, useful to all without exception is moderation in food. Remember that eating less is always better than eating!

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Andrew Nekrasov is a calisthenic athlete and freelance writer.