Health workouts are all kind of physical activity, which will have positive effects on health. It seeks to promote better health and to maintain good health. Fitness Exercise, in turn seeks the good condition and maintaining it. Although the condition is part of the Health, is a health and fitness exercise, however, the difference in quality.

Of health effects are mainly in connection with the movement of the amount, as moved by the minutes, taken steps or worn calories. Condition sports condition is always sufficient power so that it can be obtained effects. Fitness Exercise must exceed the sweat and at least a mild shortness threshold.

Healthy Exercise is Easy

Healthy exercise is designed so that it can carry out easily. It is characterized by a regular, moderate load and continuity.

The regularity of health at means of daily exercise. We have to do regular walking and exercises. At least half an hour of daily physical activity. This can be carried out continuously or compile several shorter period, such as three to ten-minute bursts.

Fitness Exercise Load

If your goal is in good condition, or any of the fitness performance, needed to fitness. General fitness exercise recommendation that it would be a good move for at least 3-4 times a week, for 30 minutes at a time, and a minimum of power, which causes sweating and shortness of breath.

As a general rule is that once a week, practiced in fitness training does not yet seem ready and not enough on its maintenance, twice a week is good maintenance, provided that physical power is maintained. Lighter, but quantitatively more generous exercise does not replace effective fitness.

Health Fitness Helps You Cope

Health Fitness is a new concept, which extends the traditional condition of the concept of sport and physical activity related to the performance of everyday functioning and health. Good health fitness help to cope and deal with everyday routines.

Preparing for the health of the physical condition of those factors which have a positive impact physical activity and lack of exercise negatively, and which are related to health or functional capacity. Health fitness has many forms. Good health condition means, among other things, good endurance (aerobic fitness), body control (motor condition), muscular strength, muscular endurance and joint mobility bone strength and a suitable weight.
The body's functions need to move

Exercise helps our bodies work. Different functions, however, require a little different workouts in order to be at the cutting edge.

Heart and circulatory system because adults should engage in moderately strenuous endurance exercise or other physical activity such as walking, Nordic walking, cycling or swimming most days of the week, and preferably every day for at least 30 minutes during one or more periods at a time.

Body needs muscle strength and joint mobility healing exercise such as stretching, gymnastics, dance, fitness workout, fitness training or a variety of ball games. Such physical activity should be performed 1-2 times a week.

Nervous system activity slows down with age, and this reduces the movement of the security. Muscle strength and flexibility in addition to exercise, especially for older, it is important to balance the healing is also engaged in physical activity, such as mountain walking, skiing, ball games, dance, yoga, or chi, or golf.

Am I getting result in my Fitness?

If you have previously moved a little, you should always start with the health through exercise and take advantage of exercise opportunities in everyday activities and operations. When you are used to regular exercise and natural utilizing the possibilities of, and if health allows, you can set a goal of regular and performance improvement fitness exercise.

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