None of the parents wants to see their child in a poor state of health arising due to weak immunity. Weak immunity is dangerous for the child’s health. It makes the body vulnerable to different infections and diseases.

But fortunately, there’s a recourse. Children can be encouraged to eat food that will boost their immunity and help them fight infections and illnesses better. Though it will not happen overnight, parents should be vigilant about what goes in the child’s mouth. There are a variety of food items that strengthen the immunity of the body.

Here is a list of ten such foods that will boost the immunity of the child:

  1. The magic of Yoghurt: To improve the child’s immune system, probiotics is essential. One of the best sources for this is yogurt, which is one of the most widely available food items. A child should be fed yoghurt either during breakfast or lunch.

Yogurt is also rich in protein. Protein helps in the building of the tissues. These tissues protect the host’s body from infections. Yoghurt will build up a child’s immune system. A strong immune system will fight against diseases.

  1. Spinach: Children avoid eating spinach because of its taste (and aversion to anything that is green and leafy!). However, just some leaves of spinach will ensure a perfectly healthy immune system.

Spinach is rich in antioxidants that are important for building up of the immune system. Spinach can be minced with other vegetables so that the child can consume it without complaining. It is one of the healthiest foods that should be included in the regular diet.

  1. Vegetables: It’s not uncommon to hear the children’s specialist stress on the importance of eating vegetables.  But do all kinds of vegetables help in building immunity? Certainly not. They need to focus on vegetables rich in vitamin C.

Broccoli, capsicum and other such vegetables strengthen the immunity of the children. If they avoid or skip eating the food, parents can add them to tastier options like salads and sandwiches.

  1. Garlic: Garlic contains allicin that fights against bacterial infections. If the child catches the flu or cold easily, he should be served thin slices of garlic and tomato sauce. It will provide instant relief to the child. Garlic can also be cooked with pulses and served with rice during lunch or dinner.

  2. Green Leafy vegetables: Children eat junk food that can lead to fatty liver diseases during adulthood. Parent’s often don’t monitor their child’s eating habits, which weakens his immune system. Some tough love is needed here so that the child limits his consumption of junk food.

Parents can serve salad, sandwiches and other dishes that have leafy vegetables as raw ingredients. No one can stress of leafy vegetables enough. Once the child gets habituated to eating it, he will ultimately skip eating junk food.

  1. Mushrooms: Mushrooms contain beta-glucan that protects the body from infections and diseases. They strengthen white cells present in the body. The white cells act as barriers against the disease and boost the body’s immunity.

Mushrooms can be served in different forms. Parents can prepare salad, soup, sandwiches that contain mushrooms. If a child is fed mushrooms regularly, it will lower his chances of falling sick.

  1.  Oats: Before leaving for school, children usually consume milk and cornflakes. But it’s high time that their breakfast needs to include oats instead of cornflakes. Just like mushrooms, oats have an abundance of beta-glucan, a soluble fibre having antimicrobial and antioxidant qualities. Regular consumption of oats can hence, be beneficial for the body’s immunity.

  2.  Carrots: Watching television and using gadgets affect the eyesight of the children. No amount of persuasion deters them from avoiding this activity. But there’s always a recourse to improve the child’s eyesight. It’s nothing but carrots. Eating two carrots during lunch can sharpen the eyesight of the child. It will also protect his body from viral and bacterial attack. Carrots should be incorporated in the regular diet of the child. Children hardly refuse eating bright coloured carrots.

  3.  Nuts: Children usually get hunger pangs in the evening. When they find nothing substantial to eat, they consume junk food like chocolates or chips. In the long run, this can wreak havoc on the child’s body.

To avoid this situation, it is best to provide kids with a healthier option to satiate their hunger cravings in between two meals. Parents can give nuts to children when they are hungry. Nuts are a mixed bag of vitamins and minerals. Keep small jars in the kid’s room. Stock them with almonds, walnuts and other varieties. They are rich in antioxidants such as omega fatty acids, zinc, and Vitamin E, thus making nuts a great option for building immunity.

  1. Fish: Fish is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. It is rich in protein and is necessary for building up the immunity. Parents can choose from a variety of fishes and serve it to their child at least once a week.

Fish has selenium, iodine, and zinc. They can boost the immune system and promote a healthy metabolism. This way, the child can ward off coughs and colds easily. 

To conclude

These snacks and foods can prove to be ideal in keeping illnesses and infections at bay. Right from nuts and fish, to yogurt and spinach, there are many options that an alert parent can explore in order to help the kid boost his natural defence systems.

There are many other preventive and curative measures that can be taken to build up the immunity. Children should be taught to brush their teeth twice a day, they should wash hands before every meal, and they should not be fed leftover food. The right balance of healthy habits and great food choices can go a long way in helping the child build his immune system.

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Elianna Hyde has been a freelance writer since 2009. She has attended University of California and graduated with masters in mass communication. She loves watching TV shows, movies and has a keen interest in sharing her views on business trends and people’s lifestyle.