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Vishal Bhojane
January 16, 2019

When it comes to talking about today's school life, it will start from rush and end in rush with a small leave or mid-break that cannot even be called a break actually. Student life has become more and more busy in the last 30 years, with a packed schedule of academics, assignments, seminars, academic-tours, etc.

With such an ascent in this furious timetable of students, it has turned into an issue for guardians additionally, how to deal with the things, overseeing it, however, it likewise influencing the soundness of understudies. They are unable to take good sleep with a sufficient amount of hours, neither they are giving a big space to sports also.

List of Some Good foods for Students with their benefits -

1. Milk

We all know that milk is the richest source of calcium and it's the best liquid food that provides almost every important and essential nutrient.

Hence it must be a regular part of the student's diet. If one is not interested in consuming milk directly because of the taste or some other issues, they can go for various milk beverages like a hot chocolate milkshake, cold milk, flavored milk, etc.

2. Yogurt

It is very healthy and tasty too, which contains a good amount of protein, which is very required for good health and fitness also. There are so many varieties available in the market of Yogurts like "Greek Yogurt" "Normal Yogurt" "Proactive Yogurt" which have some bacterial configuration that helps in digestion of food.

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3. Cottage Cheese

One of the most popular and tasty dairy products that are loved by every group, be it, children, youth, adult or old age, everyone loves to eat cheese and dishes made from cottage cheese.

4. Fish

Fishes are the rich source of good proteins and omega-3 Fat that is why they must be consumed by a student for good health. Fish is rich in calcium and phosphorus and an excellent source of minerals, like iron, zinc, iodine, magnesium, and potassium. The American Heart Association recommends eating fish a minimum of twice per week as a part of a healthy diet.

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5. Eggs

Egg Yolk contains the maximum amount of nutrition in it, eggs are the only source that contains Vitamin-D in natural form.

6. Vegetables

We all know that veggies are a combo of all nutrients together, they contain dietary fibers, carbs, potassium, vitamin-A and other essential nutrients that are required for good physical and mental health of the students.

Green vegetables like Spinach, broccoli, and peas like green peas, sprouts, etc are great combo and bundle of nutrition altogether.


Every fruit like banana, apple, pomegranate, guava, melons, oranges, berries, creak, etc. are rich sources of fibers and multivitamins, antioxidants.

Citrus fruits like oranges and sweet lime, lemon are a good source of fiber and vitamin-c that helps in protecting from diseases like scurvy. Papaya is a good source of minerals like zinc, potassium, magnesium and dietary fibers that helps stomach functioning.

so, above-suggested foods are the ones which must be adopted in a student's diet chart and they must include them in their meal on a daily basis.

To be onward in the race to get your goal in education, students must have a healthy routine that has a perfect combination of Rest, exercises, sleep and study time.

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