We may make many resolutions in the beginning of the year to get fitter and healthier but they do sometimes wane into the horizon and we get back to our old ways. It’s sometimes important to remember that small changes make a difference too and that may be you don’t need to take on too much too soon.

So for living a healthy lifestyle does not mean that you deprive yourself of the naughty foods and habits. Everything in moderation is key and little by little the small changes will become part of your lifestyle habits and will stick with you for a much longer time than some hard to manage fanatic health routine.

So what are the things you can change, perhaps skipping on the sugar with your tea, having crisp bread instead of a muffin, and having piece of cake too but just not that often. Healthy diets means eating well and does not mean starving yourself but eating moderate portions of healthy ingredients such as greens, veggies, lean meat, fish, good protein and complex carbohydrates. Instead of the cup of coffee reach out for some herbal tea, and of course on a Friday spoil yourself with some frothy cappuccino. When you enjoy things in smaller quantities you actually learn to savour them more and you will reduce excess consumption of anything that naughty and not good for you.

Fushi Herbal remedies are a good idea too as sometimes the body needs a little bit of supplementation and herbs are a great way of managing health on a day to day basis.

So what else can you do, well most of us enjoy a drink but reducing alcohol intake goes a long way in maintaining a healthy body. Reducing your intake of junk foods, or fast foods and this will be a boon to the body. It is all about treating about your body well. Think of what you eat and whether you are eating to curb a craving or really satisfy a genuine healthy hunger. We all know that beauty comes from what you put inside of you and the secret of glowing skin might be a healthy diet and exercise rather than the lotions and potions one applies. With the advent of functional beauty foods, nutrition for beauty is now something experts recognise as the next big thing.

Herbal supplements for skin, hair and nails are now much more common and contain skin boosting ingredients like Spirulina, Horsetail and Burdock, Vitamin A and E and other skin boosting minerals and nutrients. Many superfood and herbal supplements are formulated for anti aging from within and to protect the skin by supplying the body with anti-oxidants. This is all nutrition for beauty that is now becoming increasingly popular.

So get started on your healthy lifestyle, with a few useful spa accessories and pamper products are allowed, but remember most of it’s about the internal.

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