A positive image of self-worth is a priceless thing to have in life when considering the varied ways in which it determines our actions and accomplishments. After all, as an eternal source of optimism and self-confidence, our self-esteem gives us the strength to trust and value our own capabilities. As such, it would not be an exaggeration to say that healthy self-esteem is one of the biggest predecessors of happiness in life. And, in order to raise self-confident individuals, the ideas of self-worth are something to be nurtured and cherished from the early days of childhood. As a renowned child psychologist, Dorothy Corkille Briggs, asserts, “self-esteem is the mainspring that slates every child for success or failure as a human being.”

So, exactly how significant is building healthy self-esteem in our children? And what makes it one of our prime responsibilities to boost their self-worth? Today, we, at Yuvashakti Model School, are taking a closer look at the answers to both these questions in this article below. Read on.

Reasons why healthy self-esteem matters in kids

Self-esteem is another word for feeling good about oneself and having confidence in one’s abilities. And, we, at Yuvashakti, one among the Top 5 Schools in Rohini, Delhi, believe that these are the aspects that form the core attribute of happy kids.

A child with a healthy dose of confidence in himself/herself will not be apprehensive about putting his/her skills to test and try new things. Moreover, kids with good self-esteem are able to take the ups and downs of life in stride more easily as it does not swerve their belief in their own abilities. They value themselves enough to try their best, but will not doubt their capabilities if they still miss the mark. And it is this capacity to bounce back from the setbacks on the path, which works as one of their biggest strengths in life.

Furthermore, when kids feel secure and confident about who they are, it fosters a growth mindset in them. This means that it not only motivates them to take on new challenges but also to cope with and learn from their mistakes. All of these aspects culminate into making happy kids, who remain unflinching even in the face of major hurdles.

The toll taken by negative self-esteem on children

As we have already touched upon the reasons to nurture self-esteem in children, we would also like to highlight the impact of failing to encourage the same.

When we fail to pay attention to developing a sense of self-worth in our kids, they not only suffer from a lack of self-belief in their childhood but also find it difficult to resist peer pressure and confront problems as they grow up. After all, the skills of problem-solving and holding one’s ground amidst raising competition are not something that develops in a day. It has to be fostered from a young age, and the idea of self-esteem has a major role to play in it.

What we have often seen is that when children constantly feel their self-image being threatened by comparing them with friends or not getting enough encouragement, it also strains their relationship with the adults in their life that they are supposed to trust. It is because of this reason we believe that parents and teachers being the guiding lights in the life of kids hold this sheer responsibility of making them feel sure of themselves. 

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At Yuvashakti Model School, we believe that the aim has to be helping the children discover the strengths that they can build on. Give them reasons to feel proud of their abilities. At Yuvashakti, we have always maintained that each of our pupils is unique and amazing in his/her own ways. And once we are able to make them believe that, we will get to see happier and more confident young individuals.