Homemade snacks are a great way to give your dog the nutrition it needs, complete and healthy. The cost is low and we can even take advantage of the remains of meat, stews, vegetables, etc. When preparing them, we can control the ingredients and avoid the additives or preservatives that commercial products have.

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Healthy benefits

Homemade snacks are ideal for dogs allergic, with intestinal problems or who need special care in food.

Keep in mind that chocolate, raisins, onion, and avocado are among the harmful and toxic foods for dogs, so it is advisable to exclude them.

We also have to control the number of snacks. We will use this type of product and food as a prize, in no case as a substitute for regular food. Well made, with healthy products, they will be a good complement.

Cereal snacks


-Whole or white flour, according to the intolerance of our friend can. 200 grams.
-100 gr of oat flakes or bran.
-A tablespoon of butter to make the tastiest snacks.
-Vanilla essence or any other flavoring.
-Lemon or orange zest.
-A handful of nuts, which can be nuts (as long as the dog is not allergic to these products).


The first thing will be to mix all the ingredients with a wooden spoon. We will knead until achieving a homogeneous mixture.

We can divide the resulting mixture into several parts and preserve (even freeze) some of them for the next occasion.

With our hands, we will give the desired shape to the portions of dough that we are going to convert into snacks. We can also use a mold in the shape of a puppy, bone or heart.

We will preheat the oven to 200 º and place the cookies or snacks on baking paper. The approximate cooking time is about 10-15 minutes. They will be ready when the surface of the snacks has browned.

Leftover snacks


-Leftovers from stews or meat dishes
-200 grams of white or wholemeal flour, according to the tolerance of the dog.
-A pinch of salt.
-A little hot water.


We will start by mixing the ingredients well in a container, with hot water, until there is a manageable dough.

We will preheat the oven to 180-190º. While the oven is heating up, we will make some balls with our hands, which we will then crush with a wooden roller and give the desired shape.

We will place the cookies or snacks on baking paper and put them in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes depending on how thick they are. When they are golden, we will remove them, preventing them from burning.

Quick microwave snacks

They are ideal for a quick party.


-100 gr. of oat flakes.
-100 gr. white or wholemeal flour.
-200 gr. chicken, beef, leftover dishes or stews, clean of fat and bone.
-1 egg.


The first thing will be to beat the egg and add the meat and mix the whole with the help of a wooden spoon. We will add the rest of the ingredients, the flour, and the oats, stirring constantly, so that lumps do not form.

The molding will be done manually, as in the previous recipes. On a tray or dish suitable for the microwave we will cook them no more than six minutes at half power, depending on the characteristics of the appliance. To make them juicy, it is important to cover the container where we cook them.

Simple chicken snacks


-200 gr. of chicken in pieces or leftover chicken stew, without bones or fats or skin.
-100 gr. white or wholemeal flour.
-Half a glass of virgin olive oil.
-A handful of oat flakes or other types of cereal. Cereals can be mixed with brewer's yeast for greater consistency.
-A beaten egg.
-Vanilla essence


In the first place, we will begin by mixing the egg well with the flour and the cereals, beating until we get a homogeneous mixture and without lumps.

Then we add the rest of the ingredients. The molding will be done first with the hands and then with a rolling pin to get the dough to flatten.
We will bake with the oven preheated to 180º for about fifteen minutes or until golden brown. Now you can give your dog a very healthy diet.

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