If you are experiencing hearing loss, investing in high quality hearing aids can transform your life for the better. Research has shown that over 40 million Americans suffer from hearing loss, making it one of the most common health conditions in the United States. There are a variety of hearing aids on the market, but one thing that most have in common is high prices.

This is the reason that many insurance companies do not provide coverage for such services. As a result, many individuals who are on a low budget fail to afford quality hearing aids and they opt for hearing amplifiers instead.

However, hearing aids are not the same as hearing amplifiers. Although the two devices are designed to amplify sounds, there are major differences between the two hearing products.

Let’s have a look at how they differ in terms of functionality and pricing:

  • Hearing amplifiers which are also known as Personal Sound Amplification Products (PSAPs) make sound louder but they have some notable limitations. As such, they are not very efficient and that’s why FDA does not acknowledge them as certified medical hearing devices.
  • Audiologists always advise individuals who have hearing loss to use medical devices which are FDA certified and regulated. Hearing aids are FDA recognized and they are programmed by licensed professionals to fit a patient’s prescription. When a patient uses a hearing aid, they are assured of safety as opposed to buying cheap hearing amplifiers which are not certified.
  • Another weakness of hearing amplifiers is that they are often advertised as fit for all hearing loss problems. The truth of the matter is that every hearing loss case is unique. Each hearing device must fit the unique needs of a specific individual instead of offering a blanket solution to all individuals with hearing loss condition.
  • Although hearing aids are relatively expensive, they are sold as a package and patients are assured of safety since they are FDA regulated. Also, hearing amplifiers do not clarify speech from the background noise and they can even make your hearing loss condition worse if used in a noisy environment.

Hearing Aid Prices

To be honest with you, hearing aid devices can be quite expensive. There are many innovative models and types of hearing aids on the market today such as bluetooth hearing aids and invisible hearing aids. Depending on the level of technology used, the price can be in the range of $6,000 for each hearing aid device. Therefore, you can imagine the total cost of two hearing aid devices which is what most individuals need.
However, you are assured of value for money when you opt to go for a hearing aid rather than a hearing amplifier.
With hearing aids, you can comfortably wear them for long without worrying about any possible danger to your body.

Although the price of hearing aids is usually high, it’s important to understand that you pay for the entire service and not just the hearing aid devices. The cost which is mostly known as bundled pricing includes other services such as hearing testing, consultation, routine checkup and cleaning, initial fitting, hearing aid batteries, follow-up as well as two to three years warranty.

The concept of bundling prices is common because your hearing ability is subject to changes over time.

Therefore, it makes sense for you to establish a close professional relationship with your audiologist and in high-tech hearing aid devices.

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