There are many reasons why a GP or specialist might request a patient get an electrocardiogram (ECG). While the average person might assume that ECGs are only required for people at risk of a heart attack, the reality is that an ECG can be used as a diagnostic tool to either rule out or confirm a heart-related issue when a patient complains to their doctor about things like excessive tiredness, dizziness, or chest pain; or as a general health assessment tool in cases where a patient may have a family history of heart disease or wish to take on a new exercise regimen. Doctors also often use ECGs to promote health maintenance in heart patients by using the results to determine if, for example, current medications are effective.

Depending on the purpose of the ECG, the readings can be taken either when a patient is active or sedentary, with the results being used to better understand the heart’s functioning either when under stress or at rest. Such information can then be used to make correct treatment determinations and promote positive patient outcomes.

Thanks to developments in ECG data gathering technology, most data are completely digitised, which means that doctors can access results from an ECG reader immediately. In cases where a patient may need to monitor their heart during daily activities, advancements in wearable technology mean that accurate results can be gathered and seamlessly transmitted directly to the doctor’s office as the patient goes about their everyday life.

Thanks to the digitization of ECG technology, it’s becoming easier for doctors to access accurate and timely results so as to provide the correct treatment. It’s also becoming easier for patients to conduct monitoring at home, which can aid in promoting preventative care and addressing heart issues like heart attacks before they occur.

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