A young woman growing up in Africa learns about sensuality then sadly becomes an orphan at only sixteen.

In the lesbian books summer was her favourite time, a time to be freer from the constraints of being indoors and the attentions of her aunt Maude. The midday sun warmed her legs right up to her waist.

Her legs, thighs and tight rounded bottom that were exposed to the dappled rays shining through the leaves. This lesbian fantasy is available through lesbian stories online.

The sun’s heat beat through her thin summer frock directly onto the upturned cheeks of her bottom, no panties as they had been too uncomfortable to pull on as this morning after she had been spanked across Maude’s lap.

The rays from the sun were radiating across both cheeks making her tingle with the perverse pleasure that the pain had inevitably promoted.

It was always the same. That sharp voice calling her name.
Entering the snug, seeing Maude sitting upright in the high-backed chair that she loved so much. She was an attractive spinster with close bobbed hair giving her a deceptively mannish appearance that seemed to argue with the rest of her body; long legs leading to a shapely if not rather narrow hips and an even smaller waist line that accentuated the two very full and firm breasts pushing out from under a thin dark blue blouse buttoned all the way down the front.

Her hands, folded over her calf length skirt with its full length front panel hiding the long zipper that allowed the skirt to be parted and opened out.
Those hands held a fascination for Charlotte.
They often appeared to have a life and activity of their own; seemingly, at times to be totally independent of their owner. Long slender fingers perfectly designed to grasp firmly, yet able to open and penetrate with ease the smallest of apertures.

Her eyes inevitably strayed to her Aunt’s nipples, quietly visible.
This would change as the conversation and the anticipation of events moved forward.
Reacting like warning beacons at the arousing of Maude’s feelings; they never failed in their duty, as they stretched their outline into the thin fabric.
Charlotte could not get over her fascination of their engorgement; which in turn excited her body into its own inevitable response.

It was so calm out in the open as if there were no challenges or problems left to think about; high up a leaf circled down twisting as it fell, she watched fascinated, then at the last moment a small puff of wind pushed it out of line, while at the same time flipping the hem of her short frock up to her waist, it landed on her bare bottom right between her two moon shaped cheeks.

She gazed out over the sloping grass running down to the veldt below.
Their home in rural east Africa might be isolated but it was set in a wild and beautiful countryside. It was of a single storied rectangular build, with white walls that were overhung by a reed thatched roof that gave shade to the stoop running around three sides.
Her aunt had lived here for the last fifteen years sharing it with her missionary husband until tragedy struck at their whole family. Charlotte’s parents had moved to Africa a year later when Charlotte was only four.

Her uncle had been driving her parents back from the nearest town after their customary big monthly shopping trip, both in the back seats; the front passenger seat crammed with their purchases.
Disaster came in the form of a rogue bull elephant that had been rampaging through the surrounding countryside for weeks cleverly evading all attempts of the Game Warden to put an end to both him and the terror that he had spread.

According to Ngoli, her uncle’s number one follower and aide; they had come across the big male in a stretch of road where it cut through a small but steep kopje.
Her Uncle had apparently, very foolishly, sounded his horn and advanced slowly on the elephant ignoring Ngoli’s urgent and repeated advice to stay still and wait.

Being confronted by this aggressive approach, the bull charged giving those inside the Land Rover no time to escape.
Ngoli had jumped off the running board and scrambled up the loose scree to the top of the cutting. Looking down he could only watch in horror as the bull effectively made a meat sandwich of the defenceless occupants between the roof and the floor of the vehicle.
Running back three miles he raised the alarm.

Thirty minutes later when the warden and two nurses arrived the bull was still angrily circling the flattened Land Rover; the trumpeting beast was quickly dispatched by the warden.
Then everyone rushed in to help.

However, it was clear that all three had either been killed almost instantly or bled out from their horrific wounds, as described in her lesbian books. The best lesbian fantasy is published via lesbian stories online.

Written by;
Kathleen Scotte

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