So many women have had the hidden aspect of the desire to have beautiful intimate experiences that not enough literature has supported knowledge to be available to them to form the concepts necessary for the evolution of mind that knows freedom in intimacy. Articles on this page will have an array of topics to encourage the growth of understanding of your genetic inheritance for enlightened LOVE MAKING that comes from unlocking the door to self. Enslavement of women through our history has affected the female sexual response and information available through the world is either missing or erroneous about that topic. If the majority of men orgasm easily and women are conveniently labeled as more 'mysterious in sexual response' because up to 70% have been reported not to be able to have an orgasm during sexual intercourse then necessary information to change that statistic is missing. Correcting the DNA sequencing removes the overrated mystery thus removing the boring from the bedroom and likely infidelity along with it. No long winded debates need to exist; informing one self and allowing to change the DNA coding from the knowledge presented is simple upon study because your observer from a higher consciousness will receive what it is ready to evolve at your own pace. In addition this work has been given by me to provide an enlightened and intelligent alternative to pornography for people of all ages who desire to create and maintain a sacred and lovely relationship with their spouse. For those dating certainly a higher caliber of lover would likely come into the life of one taking the time to learn this material to share it with.

Another consideration is the multi million dollar pornography industry that plugs the observer in very powerfully through the central nervous system and may contribute to the development of an addictive personality. A growing number of women have begun to tune in to pornography as it has become part of our western culture and others have embraces it also through areas of the world. As a tool for sexual education it is weak because of the central nervous system effect on the body. This is in contradiction to the goal of beautiful intimate relations between two people. Heavenly LOVE MAKING text has been provided as an educational tool for those desiring to understand greater the effects of enlightened sexuality on the brain and nervous system through study of this work and experience.
Highly important to know is in the ancient times as the sun was observed rising alighting the land with rays of a new day as the being rises, practice Blue Matrix Energetics Merkaba (taught in modules and provided to sample in articles). As a day is created for and by the Creator exalted so then at day's end when the sun sets children are put to bed and the magical ambiance of a mysterious, cool evening is upon a man and woman they celebrate the day's success and make love with the creation of the moment for the couple in the slower light of the night continue the focus of the day sovereign and into a deep, restful sleep applying Cocooning [available in articles).

Revisiting this page when the evolution has occurred will allow for a fresh perspective to receive the information again allowing for further personal development. In addition visit 'remembering through time' article in latest news for some of the history that may have led to the current consciousness of women and men. Those who are elderly with ailments and other physical challenges are wise if they choose to learn Merkaba and other Quantum Mind Tech tools to heal the body and find wholeness in consciousness because a fragmented mind that causes disease cannot bond correctly in LOVE MAKING. An experience is unknown as exalted over past experiences until the information provided is put to the test. Most important enjoy the learning with patience, humor and diligence for excellent results applied consistently. Most important in reference to people who make love like a rebound victim, the need to be given attention or glorification through the sex act is created as an unhealthy cycle when sadness is orgasmed. That is often present in midlife crisis men and some women who orgasm out sexually their emotions of sadness denying them in a passive aggressive notice me plea the rest of the day. Heart disease is a common ailment in these people from that activity.
Another point is if there is no spiritual agreement of mutual acceptance for the life of each individual in relationships why would anyone make love? It is a formula for disaster and resentment and the sex chemistry was not enough to overcome the spiritual disagreement that forms the quantum field. Agreement of basic philosophical and spiritual concepts is greatly necessary in order to proceed at all with any relationship.

Heavenly Love Making I

A miracle of coming together as a couple in a place of sexual intimacy is a divine gift that all inherited in the arrival to the beautiful world we live in. A face lit by the sun that has luminous eyes that cannot lie when you look deeply into them holds something indefinable to know. Falling in love with that person gives the opportunity to experience how a being shares the mystery of their soul with another person. In sharing the chalice of mind accomplished at days end with a lover, personal evolution is shared. Romance is brought forth from the exalted evolution of higher peaceful will and creative mind shared. As a storm brews and air currents of opposite temperatures collide, electrifying movement of thunder and lightning displays peaceful existence of opposite forces that become an invigorating, pollution cleansing event. Skin is a gift to the tactile senses that contributes to a beings openness to experience the five senses ensuring the etheric body's second energy center empty of depressed energy.
Even the phenomenon of the ovum as a neutral still microcosmic photograph of the woman's state of mind is the receiver of one singular sperm from the many that are ejaculated. A higher slightly paradoxical order is the female provided egg for it holds no gender yet so it is a unique receiver of the polarity carrying male sperm. Why is that one sperm that makes the trip through acidic walls coated with some ovulation fluid protection the only survivor that fertilizes the egg? Biological studies have demonstrated that our cells change biochemically from moment to moment based on our thoughts and so the question is does the sperm that penetrates the egg represent the mindful union of the couple as close as possible? Female tissue also absorbs the contents of the males ejaculate if a condom is not used and the female lubricant which is affected from the pituitary gland all the way down to the ovaries in terms of hormonal alchemy is absorbed by the male through microscopic tears from LOVE MAKING and the opening of the head of the penis. Like the Imoto water study demonstrates the beautiful crystalline shapes that water manifests from the vibration of speech so the mind which codes DNA also affects female fluids. Bonding chemistry is nurturing of the intimacy between couples derision in any part of the mind would create an unsightly chemistry that will be discussed later.
In an embrace of kundalini aware sexual union that embraces openness of a clean energetic field with the seven energy centers free to communicate energetically in a wordless composition that has a thousand fold more heightened climax than Ravel's bolero. Including MERKABA during non sexual contact in one's life to build an energetic field that begets a body biochemically and electro magnetically superior for abundant living including sexual intimacy is recommended. What occurs is that the more traced sensuality of the LOVE MAKING is also highly supportive of a healthy circulatory system where as the over stimulating sex during unfocused sexual activity especially if pornography is included involves the central nervous system over stimulation of a fixative nature which may create a more erratic heart rate and a hyper cortex response. Do not be surprised if such pairings produce a hyper active child. A mind that studies these teachings would not have the compulsion to consume pornographic material to create sexual arousal as the knowing of a magical appreciation of a being in the vastness provided by wholeness can never compare to mind that is based on illustration of power over someone else or orgies. Instead an alchemical lab of LOVE MAKING that has the glandular system trained to work differently is part of the enlightened evolution possible in understanding love.

Highly important to know is in the ancient times as the sun was observed rising alighting the land with rays of a new day as the being rises, practice Blue Matrix Energetics Merkaba (a Quantum Mind Tech tool taught in Blue Matrix Energetics also highly recommended. As a day is created for and by the sovereign Creator exalted so then at day's end when the sun sets children are put to bed and the magical ambiance of a mysterious, cool evening is upon a man and woman they celebrate the day's success and make love with the creation of the moment for the couple in the slower light of the night. DNA of people who make love first thing in the morning without giving the morning focus to the sovereign self first is a state of polarity consciousness affirmed to the higher consciousness and the inertia set upon the being to manifest as heavenly LOVE MAKING II from the sex act is intended for day's end when the being is naturally winding down the day of applying dedicated focus through the Quantum Mind Tech tools and may languor in sensuality with the partner and drift off to a restful, cocooning state (provided here in articles).
That carried through the focus of the day to a slower light then sleep.

Any shame about the body or the emotions regarding intimacy may result in the development of sexually transmitted diseases. A direct derision of any part to the self is not a desirable quantum state of you to take into the bedroom or anywhere else. How is one to bond correctly if the house has not been cleaned pristine? Having immaculate hygiene is a respectful offering that each lover may gift the other with in preparing for intimacy. In order for men to be able to understand the function of the external feminine sexual organs that demonstrate orgasm, being able to answer the question, "Do you know how female sexual orgasm actually occurs in the woman's body?" Shows an element of information that leads to readiness to successfully make love. Some women choose to shave or trim the area around the labia which also increases the eroginization from smoothness. Such care allows for easy examination of the skin which may prevent sexually transmitted diseases like genital warts or crab lice from going undetected and less vaginal chaffing from hair being pulled into it during intercourse and unwanted flossing of the teeth during foreplay.
An important item is a woman's acceptance and love of her body during her menstrual cycle. "I'm bloated and feel blah," may contribute to that genetic expression upheld whereby menstrual cramps boating, headaches and mild depression may ensue. Loving the body and looking forward to the natural mini cleanse of the womb that occurs miraculously each month is a great psychological pick me up that affects the DNA and over time may help to alleviate pms or other menstrual related, unnecessary symptoms. Hormonal delivery may become improved from such simple, loving self acceptance. Important note is the cervix or what I term the 'speed bump' which when hit through hard or deep thrusts may cramp the uterus initially. This is a natural mechanism that helps to prepare the woman for childbirth where contractions are very intense and the body must be very relaxed to allow the process of cervical dilation.

PORNOGRAPHY is what fixates and programs the mind to infidelity for it is watching intense emotion of others engaging sexually to have in the back of the mind and when an attractive person is near the tendency is to wonder about it as the mate is not exclusively the person in the fixation; it is a program. The focus in Heavenly Lovemaking II is not a person it has no emotion it is a point of focus to magnetize the item or reality to the couple strongly; that it belongs there. Porno stars or others for extra marital affairs do not belong there in a healthy monogamous relationship.

Many women have mapped pain and froze up during sex or created tension that sometimes locks the lower back over time and may radiate to the hips if this problem persists. It is important to use the energy awareness here to override the cervical contact as perceived pain or discomfort and to tell the partner if it is too much speed or to deep penetration till the woman gets used to sexual intercourse all of the sensations and is able to relax allowing for deeper penetration and the nervous system transfers total body ecstasy and enjoyment that overrides any discomfort to the body. The cervical cells shed and are replaced through the month so it is an excellent 'speed bump' that renews itself and will not be harmed by LOVE MAKING. Men are more likely to succeed with their partner if they learn to be in tune to the cervical bump response of their female partner during the LOVE MAKING. Old medical remedies of removing it in order to facilitate LOVE MAKING may be avoided completely if the partners are well matched for 'fit' and acceptance for the LOVE MAKING act. The days of virgin marriages are thankfully nearing a fateful demise so that these considerations are part of the matrimonial bliss.

Over the course of history derision that created STD's may have culminated in the development of more virulent strains of hepatitis and the super killer AIDS virus. Educated observers that have studied the microscopic information highway of the human body that is stunningly formed from birth i.e. 'Photographic Atlas of the Body' and deeper study of the etheric body through Blue Matrix Energetics has more protection through knowledge. Links to the frighteningly organized aids virus on line show how any disease pattern can grow to more frightening strains that are incredibly organized.

Any disease is possible to eradicate through energetic work which has been experienced by many who have practiced Blue Matrix Energetics. Once a mind is cleaned of the acknowledgment of a condition and the root cause is understood the entire body may change. Anti bodies destroy viruses and bacteria so if the attitude causing the virus is not eradicated entirely creating the same quantum state then the person is not completely cured after treatment if it is still active in the bloodstream. This is where medicine needs to evolve to understand the minds powerful effect on the immune system as some scientists have effectively demonstrated. Once a mind is reprogrammed any cure is possible. However condoms with lots of water based silky, liquid lubricant (no sticky unpleasantness non scented non flavored simplest for delicious couples) to help prevent breakage. A great idea especially in new relationships. Birth control is an extensive issue that requires its own research time to choose what is best for the individual if condoms are undesired.

Women ovulate once a month only and are able to respond sexually the rest of the month from an enlightened mind so clearly we were designed to enjoy without limitation or addiction. Choices of what to study in our culture and educational offerings abound and are there for all to tread from inner knowingness once the data has been examined. More on why men create sperm daily and is it fair? The Rotted Snake or Truth Revealed is another article I wrote about the genetic origins of humanity and made me ask the question: Why were men created producing sperm daily while women ovulate producing an egg on average from the ovary once a month for a period of a few days? What was the purpose of that uneven creation and did it contribute to harems and polygamy in our history? Where did chauvinism originate from? Why do female breasts often sag and shrink substantially if a woman looses her pregnancy weight? We know the breast tissue gained is brown fat that is energy to produce milk for the baby. Is there any judgment if moms get breast implants after nursing and look like pin ups? Perhaps that may be why some of them choose not to nurse and keep their breast size. Or do they just live in marriages where the husbands steal glances at other non mom pinups? Does this not eat into intimacy? Is that the beginning of he man woman haters clubs if the women complain and bitch? Or is bitchiness dealing with the effects of the daily sperm production? Was nature fair to men and women and how do we overcome the natural side effects of child bearing and the sex drive? Only becoming a super being from careful study and consideration of these topics identifies their relevance and solutions that exist to both and the whole life experience of challenges to awakening. Do breast implants kill? A wise being would examine the construction of an implant prior to placing it in her body and if cancer consciousness destroys a breast then ironically some of these women wear breast implants. Beware of wielding the scales of moral justice lest something is missed and friends have a criticism.

I have noticed in healing work over fourteen years that accumulation of heaviness around the belly and or thighs in young women is indicative of some depressive energy where the woman has not fully enjoyed the five senses of being alive. Similar situation may be present in men who pack on weight. (See Quantum Slim in BME modules for addressing this issue further). For those studying enlightened material or engaging in a course of study of such note that the initiative to continue the evolution may be difficult if un satiated cells are screaming for one to be taken off the spiritual study and practice program to recognize what one does not wish to part with that is often un cleared sexual energy that may also fuel over eating and other undesirable habits. Kinesthetic awareness during LOVE MAKING by both partners is a different type of reorganizing experience because if the partner is just visually oriented then there may be a slight disassociation from the energetic subtlety that is tantric and inclusive of auric awareness during LOVE MAKING. Males are reported to be more visually oriented in responding sexually so learning to 'feel' sensually beautiful in their own body allows them to connect in the experience of LOVE MAKING. I have noticed a tendency for more women to watch pornography with men and wonder if it is the female attempting to create herself more visually oriented as her sexual response. For both there are greater visual sensual contributions to sexuality that are provided if one has the consciousness to find them.

Aggression towards the partner may occur if there is hidden resentment about the male enjoying full orgasmic ability and the female not achieving the same beautiful release. Over time this may build up to a point where women are labeled as 'bitchy' and men do not understand why. Once the extensive, intricate anatomical function of female reproductive system is understood and the female orgasm is easily achieved, where would the envy and frustration be? In addition jealousy in men or women may be about," does the other man or woman the partner is peeking at have potentially greater orgasmic or performance ability in the bedroom?" If there are any relationship problems leading toward infidelity this may be an unconscious thought needing exposure to find joy in on one's own relationship. I have found that when the sexual union is so connected, truthful and fruitful (in the most exalted way for the couple even after child bearing) then there is no one else to look at sexually. A radiant smile is on a friend or co worker without any hidden sexual agendas. Classic case is banging on the cervix then the woman is cramping int he uterus from it the position does not change in the sexual union and she does not achieve orgasm is frustrated and passive aggressive or overt hostility towards the mate who is joyous from his sexual fulfillment ensues leading to divorce. The male never knows the real reason for the divorce papers. Usually if the woman climbs on top of the male she is moving towards being able to handle more vigorous sex later as she controls the depth of the penetration may achieve orgasm more easily following other tips in this text and is equally happy having her sexual satiation dispelling the dogma of the mysteriously bitchy woman that wants to leave the man or causing him to want to leave her. Allowing the woman to control the penetration depth prevents endometriosis, uterine fibroid, cancer and other health problems that are related to pain or frustration during the sex union. It also prevents anal sex instead of allowing the woman to enjoy her sensuality fully involving the g spot that is a natural lubricant; the anus has none. There is an increased report of anal cancer and aids in Africa where couples have anal sexual copulation under stressful conditions of poverty and less than perfect health so I at this time do not support anal sex to substitute highly pleasurable vaginal penetration.

I have observed in my healing work that economic stress often manifests in the first energy center as lower back ache or tension. Chiropractic care to correct the spinal alignment may help to unblock energy that may be resulting in impotence or reduced sexual function in a person if there is a significant spinal sublimation Continuing an energetic practice like meditation of Blue Matrix Energetics Merkaba enhances the energy field so that any alternative care is maintained for longer periods of time with less regression. Freed up sexual energy expressed may then relieve the emotional blockage that is associated with economic worry as kundalini is blasted through the energy centers and spine during sexual orgasm. As release passes clarity of mind and incredible peace with revitalized energy occurs with the technique described later in this article.

Once realization of our biological potentials unfolded blooms then the proof will be available and skeptics with and without hidden agendas will have no more to add. Children who are un satiated and easy targets for mass commercial consumption may become less prevalent when women orgasm to conceive and those that were born of women who did not have the chance to become satiated in knowing why they are so and changing it later in a fruitful intimate life. Studies on this topic by science would be welcome.
G-spot stimulation that occurs in LOVE MAKING produces the flow of natural vaginal lubricant; the honey the lovely female produces. When a woman contracts her PC muscles forcefully as the partner's penis leaves the vagina in a steady rhythm great blood flow engorges the genitalia. Even without direct contact pressing against the shaft that some positions provide a woman may easily reprogram the mind to respond with greater orgasmic ability through the flexing of these muscles. If a partner stimulates a woman's clitoral area (always lubricated or the sensitivity is destroyed) with the amount of pressure she instructs you on and has one orgasm if the partner continues the stimulation after the orgasmic spasms pass then an interesting reflex occurs that causes a urethral spasm of fluid that is urine changed alchemically through the eroginization process. This may occur from manual stimulation of the clitoris after it spasms or during intercourse. What occurs with this squirting action from the urethra is what is often erroneously termed as female sexual ejaculation or vaginal orgasm.

There is no separate orgasm from a clitoral spasm; the other urinary expulsion is an added reflex from very strong stimulation after an orgasm has taken place. Some have called the g-spot a female prostate type of organ which I strongly disagree with. Eroginization of the vaginal g-spot during intercourse usually produces lubricating secretions and urine is only ex pulsed forcefully in women through the techniques described above. Note that a vibrator may over sensitize the clitoral area leading to difficulty in achieving orgasm during sexual intercourse so if women use them prior to meeting a male partner then re programming the mind to respond to sexual stimulation during intercourse. Male partner will have much to focus on for his own experience so having to combine foreplay with penetration because of clitoral desensitization is putting more demand on the male than may desire for his own enjoyment. In addition the female orgasm prepares the female for the highly intense child birth experience.

Inhibition and a lack of orgasmic response may make childbirth more painful as the full, relaxed surrender of the body is necessary to create the orgasmic response. The cervix is bumped during intercourse and without full relaxation this may cause a slight cramping in the uterus. Once a woman gets the blood flowing through the pelvic squeeze the blood flows nicely and distracts away from the bump and eventually it becomes pleasant. This is a hurdle for many women to get over is the cervical bump and the techniques I've described are highly effective. When orgasm occurs the uterus also contracts slightly; which is inclusive of cleansing energy moving through the reproductive system that prepares the female for easier child bearing. It is so obvious that women who are non orgasmic or withdraw energy during intercourse are likely to have more difficult child birth experiences. Too many hysterectomies have been performed from gynecological problems because energy that does not flow freely during LOVE MAKING may create blockages that may lead to disease. Many studies exist on energy blockages and disease. Remember that the clitoris is like a caterpillar hiding beneath the hood and the orgasm is the little butterfly!

Women tend to open slowly like a flower in desalinization with kissing and caressing causes the body to respond beautifully. Creative kissing and touch of skin may create more of a response than sitting in front of the genitals for extended periods of time to demonstrate foreplay prowess. If men like to place their female partner there primarily they are missing out on the eye contact which proves a lack of inhibition in each partner that may hide problems spoken of in the STD paragraph. I do not negate sexual foreplay of any kind that is mindful and loving in intent rather than mechanical and repetitious. Slow genital stimulation (back and forth horizontally over the clitoral area) for both partners with lots of lubricant is mindful and makes the partner have to focus on breath and energy moving correctly to the brain to enhance the build towards orgasmic experience and prolong the eroticism in both foreplay and intercourse. An acidic ph similar to a navel orange is correct for a healthy vagina with a scent similar to sourdough bread. Any change in ph other than just before, during and after the menstrual period may be abnormal especially if irritation occurs. Birth control pills also change the vaginal ph a little. Studies have proven that the pill contributes to ovarian cysts so focusing on optimal health for women who take it is very important.

A female orgasm is more difficult to witness than the more obvious male response as the clitoris is hidden beneath a hood and extends deeper beneath that tissue. When eroginized it swells up to six times its original size. Contracting the PC muscles in females brings them closer to orgasm while in men the same squeeze helps to prolong their erection during LOVE MAKING. In addition the female clitoris spasms during orgasm lasts between five to ten pulsations where the male has an orgasm of half that or less in pulsations and or seminal ejaculations so 'ladies first' makes sense in the orgasm beginning in the woman. If a male trains the mind to be highly eroginized from the female orgasm approaching then it is easier to have a simultaneous experience as the female orgasm is twice as long as the male's. In addition the sex chemistry is there to allow the woman to trance the mid brain area in order to totally relax the body and to fully orgasm.

Male quick sexual response evolved over thousands of years and the female evolved slower in the larger percentage of women. What needs to be recognized is the focus of the man during pc squeeze to hold back orgasm to the necessary pc squeeze of the female to build towards the orgasm for mindful union; as the physiological function in both genders is not the same. The female builds the orgasm through the movement of the energy through the genitalia and increased blood flow through the PC squeeze which also prevents the minor labia from being uncomfortably pulled inward during intercourse. Once the females orgasmic build response is faster through practice then moving the energy up the spine, relaxing the pc muscles and pulsing the kundalini behind the eyes pulls the consciousness up very quickly away from the genitalia to the brain. In the male the same PC squeeze delays orgasm and may stop it all together. If the woman trains her body correctly and conducts her day with surplus energy then she may desire to experience multiple orgasms later. Correct practice for both partners is evident only if you are vitalized, clear headed and focused after the love making; thus also avoiding addictive biochemistry forming. **Any lethargy in the first month of practice is a sign of possible detoxification and is expedited out of the experience if participants practice MERKABA as part of their quantum mind management. Moving the energy back to the brain, rolling the eyes up with a slow pulse which stimulates the brains important glands affecting biochemistry electrically is important; this functions to give thanks to your higher god self for the orgasmic experience and invokes it to re energize the entire system reducing fatigue. Never put the lights out to sleep without turning the light back on in the higher brain centers for a more glorious, higher vibration sleep. We do not need to keep the reincarnation wheel going that way. A man wetting his wick had better realize that neglecting to understand where a woman’s wick is; her clitoris will not stoke her fire sexually and we have hidden chauvinism.

NOTE: A man 'impregnates' the active the 'impregnated' woman passive recipient however if the man does not realize the importance of the woman's orgasm in impregnation he may come back wearing a female body getting the picture more clearly. Look at this scenario: 'So now what? I'm not impregnating; the powerful active role' I'm laying there filled with the one wearing the penis thrusting I'm receiving the thrusts..well I'm responding how much do I control when I can have an orgasm? Or is it over when he has his what if I don't have one? I'm laying there hes on top of me thrusting. It's overwhelming.

How do I feel if I don't have one? I used to have on in my last incarnation wearing the correct body. Well did she have one? If she did not that's why I'm asking in this life.' Some entities switch roles in incarnations to answer questions they were 'perplexed with' in another incarnation and they are not always choosing a gay lifestyle. Who may be a cross incarnate best match? Well if its another cross incarnate of the opposite gender then it is not two male souls or two female souls sorting things out however it may be if they find each other to sort things out as well in karmic ties till they are worked out. For more on the topic of Karma see the Karma article.

In the spine of all lovers is magical cerebral spinal fluid that bathes the information system of neural tissue with luminosity in enlightened couples. Polarity of the genders is expressed through LOVE MAKING however when the union is consummated with an understanding of the energy field being a place of sacred repository of loving information, simultaneous orgasm creates a beautiful oneness. Allow kundalini energy to move up the spine as the climactic feeling builds up then allow it to drop as the orgasm occurs in the loin and once the pulsations cease move the energy back up into the brain to recharge the system thus preventing fatigue after LOVE MAKING. Brain pulsations in the area of the pituitary and pineal gland create equal ecstasy to sexual orgasm; both being attainable during LOVE MAKING forming wholeness in love making. Whether choosing to orgasm completely or not in the process is up to the individual to choose. There is no greater path than what your own acceptance dictates. Prolonging the experience of the orgasmic build however is when the energy is healing, exhilarating and genetically altering because of the huge amounts of energy moved from the body and mind by the spirit.

Note: the understanding of fellatio is backwards in society for it is a passive position for the man to lay back and to experience balancing the sex act as is the woman on top position this helps the male to relax and to bond with the female partner in the sexual union instead of feeling like he has to run the sex act. In pornography fellatio is usually depicted as the woman dominated by the male in submissiveness; it is shame then for the man to be the submissiveness as the receiving instead of giving into the pleasure in the moment of giving and releasing control in the relationship over his partner instead. So the emulation of the woman as baby porno symbol sucking the penis is really corrected by the male being the new mind relaxing and receiving and letting go of control over his partner that may play out as 'head games' in the rest of the relationship.

An important note is to remember some of the foibles of past royalty procreating for the womb and prizing that and the brood without necessarily having love and bonding with the wife or prizing her for anything other than the womb that gives children. That may have contributed to female insecurity about being undervalued in society for anything other than the procreative gift which some still have repressed anger about. All Christian art for example has the woman with babies and fertility symbols without depicting her in the work place or with occupations such as Mesopotamian and Egyptian art did; depicting the equal power of woman as goddess; teacher and governor of lands. Impregnation LOVE MAKING is about the womb and pouring consciousness of the couples focus into the womb for a baby to be honored as life given by both. LOVE MAKING without impregnation that was later frowned upon in history by many groups is really about for each being intense love and gratitude for each other where the focus is maintaining and evolutionary bond with all the successes of the day by each culminating as the new beingness now bonded with in passion and gratitude; the secret of romance staying alive. Holding romance over pregnancy creation is unrealistic as most couples do not have a child conceived each time they make love. So there is a difference in LOVE MAKING for conception and for healthy couple bonding maintained. This is important for the next section of the text; Heavenly LOVE MAKING II.

When not making love for procreation purposes flowers and nature feels the movement of lovers sublime who are a blessing to the earth heaving heavily with despair at times from eco challenges. Flowers and other plant life looks so sensually beautiful and perhaps the silkiness of a rose petal or the nectar ooze of an orchid was meant to inspire the senses of men and women to make love. Nature is a mirror that reflects back sensuality through color, scent, taste of fruit to encourage lovers that sensualizes mind body and spirit. Procreation or the understanding of 'the birds and the bees' stories surely must have been inspired by the beauty of our natural environment. Would it be odd to be turned on by a bouquet of flowers and desire to make love? A beautiful scent over the sternum area is produced between two that know how to dance in heaven on earth when the heart center is open during LOVE MAKING. My favorite flowers are orchids and the Cattelaya orchid has a lovely quality of sunshine blooming from a flower with a lovely, deep vanilla unfolding at twilight quality reminiscent of the joyous day moving into a cool, mysterious night.

Ankh is an ancient symbol that is the pyramid of great architecture and the symbol of importance in the rotation of the cell division symbol often termed the flower of life. An opening at the top as the ‘eye of the needle’ sewing of the cloth of many colors as the being Jesus was initiated into through the Egyptian mystery schools and as I the Goddess remember it is the zero point field forged by the observer of creations into forever. Cloth of many colors is representative of the levels of hyperspace understanding of highly educated and enlightened people who choose to learn and become the wisdom of the bounty. A fingerprint lit up with the newest light capturing photography of living organisms shows the thousands of nerve endings in the finger tip lighting up like a fiber optic storm and that demonstrates the active, consciousness directed light with a potentiality of movement to zero point field coming from the little finger tip that connects to the whole body of the being. Upon conception of a fetus there is the instruction of the Holy Spirit of the mother and the father to form the zygote which is lighting up with the consciousness program of the sperm and the egg unfolding and building the tissue of the zygote. An incarnating soul grabs hold of the brain mass once there is enough to work with and begins to work the DNA and takes over the genetic program given by the parents creating its own desire of vehicle expression for experiencing the physical plane and the consciousness evolution of the coming incarnation. A solar disk with wings; ancient symbol of the pharaohs was the knowing of the holy spirit engaging the brain and nervous system for the flight of the spirit in consciousness of creation that has led to ascension of the whole vehicle instead of death for a handful on Earth through history. Unless humanity understands the symbols placed by the ancients and some of the modern pointing to the science of the holy spirit engaging its vehicle the concept of ascension has not quickened enough in this time of writing in the understanding of humanity including science, medicine and government; where it is needed the most to expedite the collective shift in consciousness. Authority of these leading departments in our reality is greatly influential over our acceptance and that is where the pockets of great ancient cultures which flourished with the construct of unity and wholeness in those departments mentioned in ancient times.

Above is what is important for those looking at the text below to contemplate and also the foundation of my understanding as the mentor of Blue Matrix Energetics which educates to empower all beings that learn from the practice. Training modules in Blue Matrix Energetics are highly recommended in order to fulfill the evolutionary consciousness mandate of souls drawn to the practice.
Enjoy a special treat; the poem below for lovers everywhere in the throes of experiencing or on the way to meeting the being to learn together with.


Await in the Garden of Knowledge of Two
Shimmering petals against the evening dawn alit by the moon await.
Wings fluttering against the thick night slippered feet alight.
Touch down on a goddess with nectar waiting the exotic kiss.; roots climbing and reaching for one another entwined in growth.
Sleek feet pad away barely disturbing the flowers in pursuit.
A wild birds calls out and soft fingers grasp a branch in sleep.
So flying creatures shy with new wings find the compassion of the earth blossoming their mate.
A dark eyed pair with hair to the waist sit on the sand. Satin lips linger together; a couple entwined in concert with heavenly pulse of the night.
Scent carried on a breeze permeates a tropical hush of life blooming by moonlight.
Shores wet with the surf slipping along the coastline in peace; a white shimmer glazed with turquoise hue.
Breath escapes becoming the tropical atmosphere of the two as one.
Around a bend from the ocean approaches a glowing form glistening phosphorescence on her skin. She walks through a flowering tree and passes by the place of sleeping, wild things undisturbed.
A waterfall mists the skin on her face and she lets her hair down dipping into the scintillating liquid.
Unsubtly raising from the oceanic curtain of the nocturnal party in the sky a coral reef loving sun dazzles the waters reflecting love and capturing the woman’s golden eyes.
Looking towards renewal of the dawning day the sun washed the island with peach glisten.
A fruit fell at her feet against her toes. She picks it up and bites the flesh of the complimentary light.
Violet blue a butterfly lands on a vibrant dance partner; a colored orchid embracing the prodigy of nature’s day hooking its feet in the embracing curl of a lip provided for daylights’ kiss.



Above in the previous article we have an example of LOVE MAKING that is knowing of the self enough to share with another beautifully from higher consciousness. From very early history there survived a small following of Wiccan people who practiced sexuality knowing its powerful energy able to manifest from the divine. Later in Egyptian times magical texts were written on a variety of topics all destroyed as the great libraries of Alexandria. A historical source from Sumerian tablets gives an example of peoples who were not ashamed of their sexuality and the potency of the divine creative forces of the sexual act was respected. It also demonstrates if we examine society today the degeneration of the concept of prostitution in our times The Mythology of Sex; a text describing some aspects of ancient Mesopotamian times where men were educated for a price in sacred sexual rites to where prostitution in our time became a quick sex act for money.

In the glandular system which is governed by the pituitary gland there is a cascade of hormonal directive that comes from all activities that determine our biochemistry. Much has been written about the seven energy centers as etheric organs however they do emit and receive energy as I have observed in energetic healing sessions. When we are active in creation the energy moves from us purposefully which is taught in MERKABA; a non sexual Quantum Mind Tech tool.
In order to participate sexually and spiritually whole understanding our own unique response for intimacy is wise to become. Relationships are then created from a place of no shame and self education where physical intimacy is highly recharging and productive. Important to remember that the autonomic nervous system is what releases the orgasm which is proven by (most frequently single or non orgasmic with a partner) a woman having a sexual orgasm in sleep to release any pent up sexual energy especially around ovulation; while in men that type of response is possible however inconvenient for obvious reasons. Men do not however have menstrual periods or pregnancy to go through so the biological design is fair. Your subconscious sleep state is affected by what is consumed to sexually stimulate you and is revealed during the sleep state often as dreams. Pornography has created odd and often irrational behavior sexually which may affect men in a way that breeds the subjugation of women by the use of sodomy in orgasmic sequences in hard core pornography. If a male then is programming himself to sodomize his partner there may be an undertone of coating someone with sperm because of un communicated frustration between the male and female such as: I am your victim that you nag at or manipulated so I mark you with my orgasm in a communication of releasing frustration and having power over you through the sex act. Same situation if a woman becomes a dominatrix that demands you to play act her fetishes and denies the male the orgasm.

NOTE: Heavenly love making text is intended to keep the adult out of the 'stupid state' of lesser vibration reality that is induced with for example the mimicking of brain mapping that little boys and some young men may do when they get an erection during stress in order to put the consciousness into the cortexes into the little I state to micro manage instead of breathing deeply through the stress and centering themselves. Little girls have been know to self stimulate to soothe themselves also at ages prior to puberty to reduce stress also that psychologists have documented and as we mentioned previously in the paper that the first energy center is what people use often prior to higher teachings to reduce stress states in the body. What is the tendency to watch out for is the fixative state on lower thoughts that are not based in inspiring concepts during the sex acts for the chemistry is vastly different and the cortex is grabbed as the slower reality the next day after for the 'stupid' program run as the entity's reality. In heavenly lovemaking we have a concept that inspires to focus during the lovemaking act with a partner (practicing alone in single people has helped them to find another who practices HL tool if so desired and shows the entity how to stop cortex 'stupid' sexual programming on the life that would attract a vastly different partner) suggested once the couple have bonded intimately with each other. Now sexual excitation programs how the codex using the reticular formation to processes desire in the biological matrix. If an entity is studying QMTtools then the desire is to experience the hyperspace faster phenomenal powers that include super healing, cessation of aging, bilocation, levitation and more one day attainable also. It makes sense then to wire the brain and reticular pathways to the whole brain with mindful sexuality that includes a higher focus instead of a parallel sex life that wires 'the stupid' cortex protective slower consciousness processing state keeping the entity split from unity of the whole brain firing in understanding and thus consciousness un split that is needed for things like teleportation hyper jump healing or super healing etc.

Mindful communication is then necessary before entering the bedroom to address relationship issues to prevent it from becoming a place of power over another. DNA is what the participant wears calibrated from a power and humiliation program in the bedroom instead of coding the DNA with enlightened sexual activity. What is a honey? Well if some women smell like it after ejaculate from an exotic lover leaks on to the skin or lands there during ovulation as fun foreplay results to prevent pregnancy then a secret of the birds and the bees or is it flowers is made known: Honey for example has anti microbial properties that unwelcome mold spores and honey comes from pollens of flowers which carry really an antidote to mold. So a yeast infection free woman who has no 'moldy attitude' or depression about her relationship or sexuality and embraces the male completely is like the flower that calls the alchemical process of the honey on more than one level. Some in the fragrance industry have known honey facts to draw people together.

It is endearing how the female reproductive system resembles sea creatures; the ovaries like some sea life and the ethereal glistening cellular structures of the womanly reproductive system is a clue to the night ambiance of lovers coming together under moon lit and starlit nights are the reality that has existed through to our ancient origins in Egypt where initiations into the wisdom of procreation is evident.

A concept embraced as a focal point during love making like focusing on a $100 bill for example and re training the mind away from power struggles gives the person a constructive focus own sexual focus with a partner. Definitely there is a difference between a wise person who has unlimited resources of mind and one who puts out money to a multi million dollar porn industry. New fetish wear could be a dress stitched from $100 bills and S&M disappears when it is no longer painful to spend it. (See my article Sexual Deviancy and the Skewed Soul for reasons why S&M has existed). Ideally this technique is used once a couple completes the information in the first article, has a healthy bond and then continues enlightened work in the day with calibrating the DNA in LOVE MAKING to match the mind. Completing training in quantum Mind Tech tools once the sexuality is cleaned up for those participating is the idea.

Our beautiful glandular system then holds a sequence that is able to code the body to know in wholeness the secret of the I as abundant self. Allowing us as divine beings to have a sense of humor in cleaning up shame and enslavement through a new way of enjoying it creates a new mind free of control. Holding a $100 bill focus and saying, "the energy moves through me knowing I am an abundant being," for example is very liberating while making love. Holding the focus as a holographic picture (as taught in the non sexual BME Merkaba and holographic navigation system) through eroginization to orgasm with a loving partner frees the observer to create mindfully and to understand eroginization away from unproductive sexual fantasies. Appreciating a partner's body is loving and respectful. If the mind is trained to wander about another then retrain it to wander to wealth because the other pair of breasts are not going to pay your bills.
Deep even breathing and having a control over the energy up the spine as in the first article is important. It is important for the soul to be cleansed of inertia that prevents it from holding a magnetic soul signature attracting abundance by being it in wholeness. From meditation practices that are effective in manifesting wealth or any goal under certain systems to understanding sexuality as magical, a whole, healthy being's journey of self engineering brings peace to the mind. Realizing that LOVE MAKING with a partner that one is deeply in love and harmony with is one of the richest examples of emotional demonstration of the concept of 'love' on the physical plane is important because if a person is going to move the quantum field with emotion (for example running into an angry person when the person may be in a foul mood) then exalted creation would be the focus of wealth or any other idea that may come to mind between a couple from the deep emotional love. Pondering that may enlighten those reading on what baby is conceived from what loving mind. If you make love to the love of music would a musically inclined soul be born? Biological children's DNA is likely to feel the biological mom and dad's love through their DNA so a happy couple is always a blessing to children. Never send sexual energy to another person when you are making love; the focus is for the couple since no one wants uninvited sexual energy sent to them.

The woman is the mind of the ovum so whatever mind she carries is her genetic contribution so the child is whatever the mind is during sex when we tune into our partner and are him or her for a moment that is loading the mind of an interesting genetic combination and the orgasm is whatever the mind is for example looking at the hubby’s face the woman would accept the sperm that would pierce the ovum as his DNA expressed more strongly in either gender. Who and what mind you become during LOVE MAKING is your procreative awakened power and the roll of the genetic dice is an illusion that science will support far less as we progress. Remember the sperm has to pierce the accepted mind of the woman so her focus is important for pregnancy DNA planning and the male is the accompanying offering of many codes. What is his mind matching? The awakened child has a better chance of being born if the four energy center and higher brain centers are highly active during the sexual act so love each other and paint a dance of mind to engineer from the Holy Spirit the DNA coding of the focus of the pair. Love energy and desire to be it as an orgasm all the way down from conception from all the way up of the seventh energy center is the purposeful in the first mindful conception that culminates in the orgasm of two to create the child. Practice dancing together to connect deeply in the higher centers the fourth energy center as love and arouse the kundalini to the sexual momentum before deciding to have the LOVE MAKING act. Watch what mind is created. Base sexual acts or halted intimate contact where the higher centers are not used enough create stunted, withdrawn mind that needs a lot of support to be highly cognitive and expressive. In the study of history and cultural history there is evidence of what has been the mind that has formed the generations of our Earth's population.

Examining aging means facing loss that the body is experiencing so does that perhaps explain underlying anxiety that aging people have that unconsciously is applied to various areas of life? How does aging affect wealth? If the body is falling apart then the joyful free flowing of cash without duress of some sort is more difficult. Blue Matrix Energetics Training addresses that issue and conditions related to aging. Conditions such as menopause and enlarged prostate does not need to occur. I do not support teachings of the native elders such as celebrating the crone and others because however lovely the concepts may have been to some they accept the deterioration of the DNA which is not necessary. Science is beginning to provide the proof that greater longevity and stopping aging is possible and experts in the field of medical sciences may one provide greater information than gene therapy. Cosmetic surgery is also possible to maintain longer results for those who have blessed themselves with physical improvements through surgical procedures prior to learning.

Results in the abundance experiment will vary according to your attitude however joyfully the change in the sexual part of your mind from practicing the tantric focus is likely welcomed from your higher consciousness that removes thousands year old cobwebs from this part of man's psyche whether honoring nature, focusing on wealth or however you choose desire to create your own sexual magic. Remember that other focus concepts may be substituted for the $100.00. Be creative, have fun and remember that your DNA is affected by that which you choose as a focus during the practice. Ideally both partners focus on the same picture. Moving to music is also lovely during the LOVE MAKING. It is possible to change the weather, manifest a vacation, bless your wine supply, and see proliferated plant and garden growth that happens anyway form this Quantum Mind Tech tool. Making love to the new slim you in conjunction with Quantum Slim is also an efficient combination for those participating in that program. Make sure you use birth control or you may attract a soul to be the baby that wants to be the mind of some of what you are focusing on. During pregnancy the baby soul may experience a genetic coding for holding a focus passionately which would likely create a child that would welcome Merkaba focus at an early age and have greater disciplined concentration at school. Lust during sex without a focus or at least healthy bonding with the partner does not teach a child these things during pregnancy.

A female orgasm also codes the egg in a manner that the DNA is 'sealed with the climax' with whatever mind the woman held at the time in a finality of energy coursing through her body. If the sperm hits and she does not have one the egg is coded with desire and his DNA contribution with satiation. Unfulfilled desire may exhibit traits of a need for satiation on some level in a child. So a female orgasm is as important to conception as that of a male for optimum genetic coding. Although gender is chosen by the sperm the egg has equal genetic material to contribute and if the couple decide on the gender of a child together and focus during LOVE MAKING on calling forth a female spirit to incarnate what that tells the body is to create a female fetus; so the sperm that will pierce the egg will be the gender chosen as directed by the divine desire of the couple.

For advance practitioners of HL II know this: There are focuses like pearlescent sea shell nails, exotic skin color enhancement, hair changes, eye pigment changes, from subtle to more extreme that may be brought forth in your LOVE MAKING focus along with including it in BMEQMTtool focus. DNA is DNA and if you call forth your divine observer to morph your genetic code from higher instruction it is possible. Your own experiment is the only source of proof at this time. This may include calling a genetic code forth for conception as you and your spouse may crate a list of features you would like to provide for the incoming soul to enjoy and then focus on calling forth that genetics being created through the conception act and then a soul will be attracted to the couple who is desirous of the genetic blueprint created with loving intent.

Please do not practice before a computer or television and plug into your love for each other instead. Reason for this is that sexual energy programs the brain very effectively and powerfully so the use of uplifting music that is rich in sounds that support the richness of the evolutionary being is very important during the LOVE MAKING act. Sex talk is equally important as reflective of deep love and cherishing of the partner as words instead of 'do me' or other primitive talk is more richly supporting a program of intimacy than objectified sexual partner as well. Remember it is your programming of the brain nervous system moving that through the cells through the lust chemicals that are very proficient at saturating flesh with the chemical information of the auditory sensory environment and the electromagnetic tweaking of that during the energy moving into the brain which happens through up liftment through sound and mindful focus. This text is intended for couples solo is not what it is for as a program. Please do not send sexual thoughts or energy during your practice to other people outside of yourself or your relationship. A very fast part of the brain that beats the heart and regulates all life processes is able to tune into a television program which is not dissimilar to a magnetic moment recording of the soul. So if this very fast area of the brain run by the observer's soul is tuning into a program then it is able to collect the recorded moment not only of the subject matter but also the activity of the crew and the whole set. That is a lot of information processing; perhaps that is also a reason why pornography is not the best choice for observers to use to enhance a sex life. It is contrary to monogamy and may be counterproductive to intimacy with one partner.
Television drone or porno cannot do that.

If your partner is intimidated by this material you may suggest that it gives back the empowerment for being a really adept and beautiful lover. It is possible if one being focuses with a reluctant participant change may occur in the partner later. This material is intended to be shared openly with the partner as hiding it and practicing without sharing is incorrect and gives the partner the opportunity to choose if it is shared. Remember that the sexual orgasm is the strongest experience that the consciousness has affirming being alive in the physical body. Dealing with any issues around this may help to change a flimsy DNA coding for the full enjoyment of life that is necessary even in those studying enlightened teachings that hone techniques beyond sexuality. Those who choose celibacy genuinely likely have already dealt with these issues or may simply no longer desire to express sexuality. In addition look at the moves of the energy that affect sexual energy moving correctly: Anger in men affects the bowel and heart if there is residual left over not dealt with and managed and in women the same effect may occur.

This does not allow for close bonding and for the energy to flow correctly during LOVE MAKING. In addition being on the receiving end of angry outbursts may cause the person to close the energy centers up the front of the body and this may cause constipation and lack of relaxation necessary for orgasm and increase in childbirth pain in women especially. Reduced libido and neurosis sexually or secretive behavior may be a factor developed from this energetic configuration in both also. If there is repressed anger in such people there may be ailments in the bowel reproductive areas, stomach, lungs, heart and sinuses. This is where a BME private session with a qualified practitioner may help to deal with the health ailments if the person is unable to correct the problems and would benefit from an energetic session to identify and release the issues. Now a really gifted partner with the Holy Spirit in the bedroom would know that the focus of the partner only if the other partner is satiated in his or her life that you orgasm to his or her desire to be so enraptured with the partners goals that that is the orgasm given in the copulation to the couple to help birth the new mind that is supported unconditionally in the LOVE MAKING so no colleague no friend no family may ever have a say ever again that would sway the other way from being it for the ultimate acceptance was the giving of the orgasm for that beingness to emerge in the lover. Then the rest of the day the lover has to be on QMTtools sovereign so it is not a sexual ownership of them by the partner that is a neurosis if processed that way. What is the ultimate demise of the neurosis? S and M that has so much power over the other partner as forging skewed mind that they end up cut burned and assaulted in the bedroom; an illegal activity.

There is an obvious dynamic that is so important it is the culmination of peace of war on earth as a build towards a balanced society and the understanding is the ancient teachings of the Goddess that are missing from this timeline till now: virginal copulation is the mans test of compassion or aggression to own a woman for if it is not compassionate and in tune with the newness and huge emotions of first penetration then there is a pattern of anger and resentment that builds silently for the woman and the silence of the anger see thes between the two for the bedroom is the simpler relationship that the day becomes. Compassion and being sensitive to the woman's response is helpful for then the woman becomes accustomed to more vigorous copulation through experience and there are levels of peace attained in the community and in authority for the balance of male and female power that is a paradox in the passive and receptive is wisdom of men to learn of nurturance through the sexual act that allows hem to understand the nurturance and patience needed to rear children that women are more predisposed to and adept at especially if the sex life is filed with deep bonding and compassion. Men are quick to orgasm and there is a difference in the being that is immature and orgasm driven which may include some women who orgasm easily if the partner turns off after having one to the other waiting still to experience so the selfish participants who are totally out of tune with the other being present during the copulation or are orgasm driven are pleasure seeking and insecure without it.

Rearing children usually cures that condition for hey are wild and new to an incarnation desiring much freedom that the parent is the principal role model in the life of the child to set an example of patience and focus to accomplish. Those who abuse in the bedroom then silently plea forgiveness through a codependent agreement need to see what the are doing for the festering problems will unlikely breed thriving children as leukemia is often a condition of the passive aggressive behavior fore example that kids come to the couple and incarnate as the sacrifice poisoned by the toxic silence and rage. Child bearing has many tests and challenges and to be as divinely realized as possible is wise to have healthy families that respect one another and the children are mentored by the parents to know. Sex is a powerful force that may create tragedy or joyful reality to and the consciously aware couples who come together in the courage of relationship. Promiscuity is a subversion of the lack of bonding with one partner that non monogamy affords and then there is a bonding that is cohesive that leads to a cohesive relationship which leads to a cohesive community when there is a critical mass of such couples with or without children who are ore spiritually mature as a result.
Orgasmic women are highly creative if there is only the male orgasm then there is chemical programming that the woman has experienced from his satiation that over time becomes her lethargy or apathy for the orgasm was his therefore it is his creation moving to body orgasm resolute.

She did not have one so her love for him is accepting of his pleasure and satiation however that does not replace the procreative and higher creative drive that is linked to sexuality and satiation from both. Female sexual orgasm is its own highly enlightening expression and release of energy that is liberating and unconfined which frees the females energy in higher areas for heightened creativity in higher pursuits at work and in personal joyous creative endeavors. Depression is also linked to the sex life in some people where the sexuality is not flowing correctly and may hinder the correct flow of energy through the entire being.
Remember the Holy Spirit squeezes you as it 'juices' your nervous system and brain during BME Merkaba; that's the sun symbol in ancient motherland symbolism and the 'juicy orange segment' ancient symbol and orange trees in later art is the fruit bathed by that sun that is the symbol of the Creator getting juiced by the Holy Spirit by day and the love maker is the ambient, mysterious night creature who remembers the day time creation during HL I and II in his or her focus. So this text, especially the second part, is not to be a substitute for daytime, quantum creation practices taught in modules; it is to honor the daytime focus by continuing the presence of it during heavenly LOVE MAKING II practice.

Basic sex tips for those studying HL I and II:

Always use water based, liquid lube with condom around ovulation about five days before, during and five days after the sticky ovulation secretions stop.
Women working on achieving an orgasm or enjoying one alone:
Never use a vibrator turned on alone use latex jelly or turned off vibrator or just hand with liquid lube. Use whatever motion is there to attain orgasm and pressure. Work on reducing pressure to be able to achieve orgasm easily. You may use a curved turned off vibrator to stimulate the g spot for the squirt response after the clitoral spasm passes if desired. Great if you have any nail length at all. This gives a variety of experiences to have later with your partner. It may help to prepare for the intensity of childbirth contractions before getting pregnant to practice the urethric squirt response after normal sexual orgasm as the necessity to relax from intense contractions that dilate the cervix are a foreign intense sensation from the energy moving powerfully for the birthing process. If the urethric spurt is practiced after regular orgasm from pumping action of the g spot so that the intense, physical release is wired in the brain which prepares a woman for the intense, physical release of child bearing possibly releasing pain more effectively in the surrender period of the cervix dilating prior to the pushing phase when the mother to be must wait for full dilation during intense contractions first. This technique may be halted during pregnancy to prevent any chance of the onset of premature contractions if there is any concern. Please consult your physician or holistic birthing practitioner prior to practicing urethric spurt during pregnancy.

Men always use liquid lube during hand foreplay as it is uncomfortable over clitoral area if there if not the same lube cushion and does not put pressure on the woman to lube up fast from erroneous clitoral stimulation that is on dry tissue. Use fingers inside vagina with gentle pressure while stimulating clitoris for quick natural lube also. Too much pressure will stimulate squirt reflex and not necessarily produce lube. Having that bottle may help avoid frustration of timing and technique which is developed over time. Use on men during foreplay especially if circumcised also. Oral side to side tongue best on a clitoral area or too much pressure may ensue and if the partner does then lots of saliva is needed for lube cushion. Never suck on clit if a woman has a very sensitive clitoris (which is great for easy orgasm during intercourse) only if she likes it.
Sucking on that area slightly below may result in squirt if desired. Great after clitoral spasm passes which usually produces squirt if you keep stimulating the being. The squirt response after clitoral spasm is great for clearing out deep, frustration and uptight attitude in a partner. Lube up may be fast also with clean cut nail finger curled inserted into vagina with slight pressure. Pumping fast will produce squirt. Always after clitoral orgasm is easiest to achieve and never to replace it or the partner may hide lack of ability to orgasm clitoral. Same with women who practice; know what you like then write it down to give to your lover and ask for his favorite sex information.

Now once you get it on communicating you can let him ad to the list of fun you like and surprise you. Many women lay there not orgasming and not saying why. Looser of the orgasm with a capital L. Talk about it before the bedroom and make notes after each time you make love and tell your partner what is great what is not working for you.

Front intercourse position: do not wrap the ankles around the neck of the male unless male is smaller size endowed and if he is that position is great penetration! Large size endowed men may ouch the female in that position same from behind if the woman is not matching in body size. From behind: women adjust spine position; sit higher to regulate too deep penetration and lean lower forward for creating it deeper. On the side from behind for larger endowed or pregnant partners. For correcting too deep penetration with men on top woman may tilt the pelvis back pelvis back or straighten it for deeper penetration. Woman on top use this position to make the build towards climax last longer when close to orgasm or simply use for enjoyment and to give the male a little break on his back. Confident men will love this position with you and get a nice visual of the lovely form of the partner. Spray bottle of water with a couple of drops scented oil on hot summer days may enhance this experience.

During ovulation when you run out of condoms: woman on man oral sex and for those that are a little less oral loving let it spray on the chest. Hand jobs are boring don’t bother. Breasts and lube if a woman is very well endowed including after pregnancy after he gives you oral sex only or hand and lube. A happy woman is not disinterested as she gets to orgasm a lot so loves intimacy with her partner. Ones that feel it’s a chore to make love have not been developing their sexual maturity alone or with their partner. It the guy is a fast shooter then he will suck in the fine art of making love and will not care about her experience. Those three minute naturals who like themselves that way may desire to retire to bachelor hood away from women or get interested in the art of LOVE MAKING. Always wash prior to oral sex for the best experience. Vinegar and water douche may help after the menstrual cycle to re acidify the vagina helping to prevent vaginal yeast kept away by a healthy vaginal ph. Urination after intercourse may help to prevent bladder infections till the energy level of the LOVE MAKING reaches higher levels that has a protective effect on the body. A great tip that gets rid of fishy odors on uncircumcised men: use a cocoa butter no fragrance bar and apply a film of the balm under the foreskin daily after shower. This may help reduce the smegma build up as the cocoa butter is used instead to protect the glans area beneath the skin. May be used on non circumcised men to keep skin from cracking from soap if sensitive.
As previously mentioned anal sex is unnatural and likely a high contributive factor to the aids virus spreading in Africa if they used it for birth control as in a lowered immune system from food shortages, malaria in mosquitoes and other considerations may have caused the disease.

For a female baby it may be helpful to rove the woman a lot during copulation setting the egg up to require a matching sperm with harmonious vibration of female gender with the vibratory harmony in the male genetic material carrying the female with slow sensual love making for is it piercing the egg like a roll of dice? Or is there a hyperspace reality where its a match and it pierces it immediately? What this does is it also roves the soul mate as female energy that the male codes his male genetic material as feminized in the girl child along with the woman's genetic material and if hes on the woman's face a lot making love and the woman is on her own also the child may resemble the mother more. Such roves are built into the codex function of the couple. for a male child more vigorous love making using the muscles in the body and focusing on the husbands face with greater or lesser roves by the mother of her soul mate (for her genetic imprinting of the DNA if desired will be expressed to a lesser or greater degree otherwise it may strongly resemble the dad) is to create a boy impregnation. All this is ancient knowledge about procreation that has been lost over the millennia.

In our modern, civilized society relationship stress and other challenges in city living leading to stress in the majority of the population anal sex may pose the same risks with feces being introduced into the bloodstream from tiny tears. With a weakened immune system it is an added risk of immune deficient diseases and may have contributed largely to STD's through history in people who used anal sex for birth control reasons in many cultures. Without this factor the incidence of STD's and aids would likely be much lower in the world so it is not a recommended activity to ensure a more harmonic field during LOVE MAKING for optimal health and spiritual well being.

Pregnant moms have a discharge called leucorrhea which is a very strong hormonal change associated with pregnancy that may make oral sex unpleasant. Use hand and lube and whatever your favorite techniques as lots of elastin is produced and the whole perinea area grows including a larger clitoris preparing for flexible birth and greater blood flow is there for orgasmic enjoyment; a side perk of the pregnant mom! Why? Well it may assist in preparing the body for child birth by having a pleasurable association through orgasm alleviating the kundalini waves of energy getting stuck anywhere preventing the dilation of the cervix for longer labor as the woman is used to ‘sexual, pleasurable release associated with kundalini activity through her lower energy centers with a partner. ‘Medical or holistic partners’ are there at the birth. So letting go and relaxing about the body with strangers there while being clear energetically is of great importance. Healthy sexuality during pregnancy with orgasm and letting go of all inhibitions through huge body changes may assist in healthy births and contribute to less baby blues or postpartum depression.

Back into the LOVE MAKING after baby is born and the mom is nursing a lot the male creating lovely baths with candles, rose petals, floating orchids bubbles or scented salts and body lotion rub after to help mom rewire her brain again to include dad after nursing all day. If a lot of breast mass is lost after pregnancy then lingerie and push up bras are a great answer to instant glamour in the bedroom. If your partner can't take his eyes off other pairs of breasts he may always purchase you a new pair at the local surgeon’s office. Some turn out even more lovely that what the baby took. Yes there is fun and life after motherhood that is not judged by the conservative, repressed population thankfully moving into retirement and out of major decision making.
Healthy sexuality while the child is growing up is covered in Heavenly LOVE MAKING I and II.

Scented candles with incense window open room spray mood lights music no mesmerize with TV; interferes with intimacy. Health check: don’t bother practicing if you feel fat, sick or old; address that first then go for it if you succeed as you may plough your partner into serious detox chemicals form moving that cobweb energy.

Addressing your health and well being is a more modern move than the cougar or male mid life crisis legends who attempted to restore their youth or cure themselves through sex. Higher levels of toxins are excreted from the body of unwell people which may contribute to the post coital 'blah;' 'I have to sleep it off now,' feeling shard in the energy field of the partner. Tools to address that are available in BME QMTtools modules and some article support is there to get started for readers of all ages. Alcohol may desensitize partners if too much is consumed as it impairs nervous system information relay a bit and drugs damage the brain which is now proven in the limbic system area which may inhibit close bonding with the partner. Likely the sex and death fascination in pop culture of Goth, Head banger metal and other dark glorifying art forms is often from the drug society glamorizing sex as ‘bad.' Worst sex chemical cocktail is beer with sex. May lead to beer slug syndrome; highly sluggish feeling after from the mixture. If enjoying a relaxing drink stick to clean spirits, a splash of mix ok or wine.

Teens are loved of themselves if they give themselves a chance to finish growing and avoid full blown sexual activity till they hit the legal drinking age. Hormones are more stable then and less likely to do the decision making for the young adult. Reading sexually educational text should not be discouraged for the educated young person has time to contemplate, asses potential partners for the future once knowing what is involved in the intimacy act in sexually mature, caring people and the preparation for that when they are ready. Incidence of young people unprepared with birth control at social parties with boyfriends or at their places of dwellings may greatly be reduced if they educate themselves from additional resources. Confidence in the informed LOVE MAKING act may reduce the incidence of SDT’s unwanted pregnancies and socially or personally troubled relationships in young people.

Last major revelation: the quantum state in the body that carries the swimming sperm to the egg for conception is held by the woman for the one sperm that pierces the egg is carried by the body who's observer is holding that quantum state for that sperm to get to the egg and it has to match for the conception to take place. Orgasm of the woman locks into place the quantum state of the egg so it is important for the genetic material forged by the woman's focus to orgasm and even after moving the energy back into the brain and drifting off to sleep that the focus stay with her. For HL II practice it can be a combination of her face for a girl baby with the wealth focus also or the dads face if a boy is desired at the basic practitioners level. For the male it is also holding the focus to create the biological quantum state to create the sperm that fertilizes the egg with the same chosen visualization. It is the couples decision together to make the focus heightened and cooperative for the best success especially during the practice for conception. For practice of HLI there is the benefit of practicing holding the quantum state in their bodies also creating the bonding chemicals that unite the couple in a love of the practice of QMTtools that strengthens the relationship.

Inspiration in women who are highly creative is heightened by the ability to be orgasmic for that is correct flow without blockages through the spine and nervous system. It affects higher abstract conceptualization as a gift to the divine flow of energy within to be able to accomplish that. Women carry the mitochondrial signature for energy delivery to the baby and the mitochondrial resembles the Mandelbrot set geometric formation of infinity that is the secret of its energy delivery system of infinite potential to ascension. So the Goddess is understood as the gateway to ascension finally once again in our times for she carries the genetic material and is the only parent that passes the mitochondrial action signature to her children and it is the female child that passes it to her successive children.
NOTE: If the negative as the undealt with issues of sexuality amplifies worry about finances that is not the same as the loving orbit teaching where instead of fixative lust as the hidden fear of poverty running a being worrying about money is the enemy within; you have the fearless lovingly magnetized and yes slightly program accepted wealth manifesting from the confident lover! If aggression present in the human race is linked the lack of female orgasm that makes sense for we have generation after generation of war on Earth and it must be genetically inherited somehow. Presence of sexual orgasm in women is likely the genetic balancing part of the equation.

NOTE: Use with your QMTTtools Quantum Slim and the one given 'Eternal Youth' on the post http://starlightsdate.blogspot.ca/2011/10/lands-iii-and-ets.html

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