One significant way of serving Thakur ji is dressing him up with beautiful dresses and accessories. There is an array of mesmerizing dresses for Laddu Gopal as the devotees love to bathe and dress the lord each day and adorn him with new clothes. Some devotees like to deck up the lord with heavy embellishments and heavily embedded dress while others like to keep it simple and elegant. Let’s discuss the difference between buying heavy and simple Laddu Gopal dress.

Not so heavy on the pocket

Fancy and festive Laddu Gopal dresses are often heavily embroidered with pearl and zari work. These dresses are not just heavily embellished but also heavy on the pocket. On the other hand, a simple and elegant Laddu Gopal dress looks immensely lavish and is usually within means.

Easy to wash

Heavy dress with intricate work is often delicate and difficult to wash. While on the contrary, simple dresses give elegant look and along with that these dresses are easy to wash and use.

One time use

Heavy dresses are often used on festivals like Holi, Diwali, Dussehra, Janmashtami and other such occasions. These dresses can’t be adorned again and again and therefore it remains for one time use. Simple dresses on the other hand can be reused several times without much hassle.

Easy draping

Dresses that are light in weight and with less work are easy to be draped and removed while dresses with heavy and intricate work are often difficult to put on and because of the weight it becomes difficult to keep them on for a long time.

Space to accessorize

If you adorn your kanha ji with simple dress, you get a good amount of space to accessorize with beautifications like earrings, mala, mukut, tagdi and more. On the other hand, if you make your kanha ji wear heavy dress, the dress itself is too heavy to accommodate other accessories.

So, it’s up to you to decide which dress you want to choose for your kanha ji. Before buying a kanha ji dress, ensure to evaluate the aforementioned points. According to us, even the simplest of dress can look extravagant and extremely beautiful over a heavy dress on the Lord. What matters the most is the color combination and the accessories with which you embellish your loved Laddu Gopal Ji.

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The blog highlights the reasons to buy a simple dress for laddu gopal ji instead of heavily embellished dresses. Read on to find out.