There’s so much good in being taller. Tall people have a special place in the heart of the society. That’s the reason there’s so much information regarding height growth that you can easily get lost in the maze of claims.

The main factors that contribute to your height include genes, nutrition, and exercises. Your parents have everything to do with your current stature, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Your diet will also determine whether your growth spurts occur when they should and at a decent rate.

There are studies indicating that well up families, that afford to eat a well-balanced diet are taller than their poor counterparts. If you want to reach your optimal height, you will have to ditch some unhealthy junks that you grab as you head wherever you spend the most of the day at.

You will need to take a right amount of proteins such as beans, lentils, fish and milk and milk products. Dry fruits such as walnuts, peanuts and almonds are a good source of protein.

Apart from that, you may also want to combine sports and supplements in the mix.

What Role do Supplements Play?

There are quite a number of supplements on the market that promise to help you grow. While not all are as effective, there are quite a number of them which has shown great promise and results from users.

Growth supplements work by stimulating hormonal activity in your body. The pills contain the essential nutrients such as calcium and vitamins which are vital to the growth process.

It is important to remember that results may take some time (patience is key). Always consult your doctor before taking any supplement you're not too sure about and be sure to do your research. Check the guide on pills for increasing your height if you'd like some guidance.

What Role do Sports Play in Making you Taller?

Frequent physical activity has a positive impact on your height. Exercises strengthen your bones and help keep some of the conditions that condemn you to short stature, at bay.

What happens is that sports make your muscles undergo a series of contractions that stimulate nerve endings for the excretion of human growth hormone (HGH). The hormone is what makes you taller and healthier.

The rigorous activity also makes your muscles stronger to support the right posture. You see, the wrong posture can be to blame for being short. The collective impact of the several small bones making your spine can make you appear shorter than you are.

An anaerobic sport such as swimming or basketball causes stretching and compression, making the material between your bones flexible. A pulled cartilage then adds some height, even though minimal, to your spine. The cycle also stimulates the release of human growth hormone that contributes to a better body flame.


Basketball is one of the most competitive sports that involve running and jumping. The motion causes a series of shocks to the growth plates, and together with enhanced blood flow contribute to height growth. The stretching and contraction involved also stretches the muscles, making them longer in the process.


Cycling is a fun exercise that also helps you add inches to your height. Riding a bicycle subjects your lower body to rigorous activity that enhances blood flow. Your legs, hips, and feet need all the necessary oxygen and nutrients for energy. The increased blood circulation drags the growth hormone together with other nutrients to the lower part of your body, and you grow taller. There's also many other benefits of cycling.


You may notice that most swimmers have a tall stature. Many may argue that it’s because tall people excel in it and so in a way, the sport chooses them. In the majority of cases, the upper part of the body may appear taller than the lower portion. That is because swimming makes your spinal muscles stronger and able to support the right posture. A good posture translates to a longer spine.

The swimming action of your arms and turning of the spine from side to side makes it flexible. The blood circulation to your back then increases, taking the necessary nutrients and oxygen to the bones and supporting materials around the bones.

Rope Skipping

Rope skipping is a timeless exercise that helps you become taller. The activity involves jumping which stretches your spine and other parts of the body, optimally. Your muscles become stronger and your spine extends to a good posture, which combined makes you appear taller.

Let's Conclude - Do They Work?

If it were up to us, we would all become taller. Unfortunately, our parents gave us the height that we currently have. Even though you may not exceed the height acquired genetically, you can exercise to reach it, and if you are lucky, exceed it.

When exercise and supplements are combined, users have a much greater success rate.

The wrong posture, weakened muscles and compressed bones at your back may be to blame for short stature. The above-listed sports will help you reach an optimal height, and if your growth plates are still open, help you to grow.

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