A lot of people who wish to become tall don’t really know the right height increasing exercise to perform. Doing the right exercises can actually make you increase your height and thereby improving your persona and your confidence as well. If you are aspiring to grow taller through exercise, thorough training in addition to personal discipline is going to help in achieving the desired goal.

I have revealed some of the height increasing exercises that will help you grow taller. Not only will these exercises help you grow taller, they will as well help to improve flexibility and posture. Being persistent is the key to making these exercises effective.

Here are the height increasing exercises:

1. Basic Leg Stretch

This is a simple stretching exercise but yet extremely effective. It works on your legs, as well as on your spine. You do this by sitting on the floor, followed by spreading your legs far apart. Then try to reach your toes on one leg with both hands. Remain in that position for a few seconds. Now, reach for your toes on the other leg and keep that position for a few seconds. While doing this, you must ensure your knees and spine are straight, you move from the hips. Also, avoid arching your upper spine.

2. Cobra

This is another effective height increasing exercise. You lie on the floor with your chest down and with palms under your shoulders. Now, lift up your body with your hands on the floor and remain in that position for a few seconds. Ensure that from your waist down remain low and you hands are straight while doing this exercise.

3. Double Forward Bend

This exercise works on both your spine and hamstrings. It exerts pressure on your spine and thereby stretching it. Sit down on the floor with both legs stretched forward and your hands place on your hips. Your legs must be straight and placed side by side. Next, bend forward and try to reach your toes with both hands. Repeat this move 5 times. Then spread your legs far apart and try to touch your toes with one hand at a time. That is, touch your right toes with your left hand and your left toes with your right hand. Repeat this move at least 5 times as well.

4. The Bridge

I highly recommend doing this height increasing exercise. You do this by lying on the floor with your knees bent and your feet placed side by side. Your feet must be flat and should be as close as possible. Next, try to hold your ankles and lift up your hips with your spine arched. Then lift your abdominal muscles upwards as high as you can. If you find it difficult to hold onto your ankles, place your hands at your side and use them to lift up yourself.

These are some of the basic height increasing exercises that you may want to put into practice. They are effective and can help you grow taller if you are persistent in doing them.

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