When was the last time that you spent a durable amount of time alone? Can you pinpoint the moment when you took some time in your day or week for you and only you? Chances are that between all of your outside obligations, family events and happenings, volunteering and taking care of others in your life you are one of the last people on your list.

Taking wonderful care of yourself and specifically setting aside time in your agenda just for you to do with whatever you please, whether it be a hobby, a nap, watch a movie, read a book, sit and do nothing, etc., is extremely beneficial for you and your continued ability to relax in a calm setting, reflect upon the happening in your life and rejuvenate and plan for your future. The likelihood of downtime knocking on your door or showing up in your mailbox is never going to happen, so you must make deliberate efforts to allow this element into your life. Here’s how to make this happen.

~Take a thorough look at your daily schedule and search for a realistic break in the pockets slot of your day. You do not have to search for massive amounts of time, ten minutes will do the trick; just enough time to sit, relax and revitalize your mind, body and soul.

~Schedule in your daily downtime and acknowledge its importance. Don’t worry about what anyone else may think about the time you take for you, just believe in it’s ability to enhance your life and everyone else’s that you come in contact with also for that matter.

~Hold this engagement just as sacred as you do any other appointment in your busy agenda. Just as you set aside time for hair appointments and doctor visits it is just as meaningful to hold your personal relaxation time in the same valuable light and see it come to fruition.

~Do not allow anything to penetrate its happening. Only you can set aside this time and make sure that nothing comes between its creation. The more you deem it’s importance and value, the more you will come to appreciate it’s merit and meaning in your life.

~Follow through on a consistent basis and create a pattern of regular behavior. Just as we strive for better health and wellness happenings in our life so must we practice the art of unwinding and slowing down. If you are a woman on the go virtually 24/7, the matter of loosening up takes patience, practice and follow-through to create a routine of daily rest.

With the swift manner in which we live our fast paced life it is imperative that we counterbalance the hasty nature of our journey and take the time to chill out. Taking a moment to put down the to-do list and sitting back to enjoy the events in our lives will work wonders for our ability to continue on our travels with a skip in our step, a smile on our face and calmness to our heart and soul.

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