Over recent years Pilates has become a very popular method of working out because as well as the exercise classes it helps with a general feeling of well-being and improves strength, flexibility, balance as well as helping with weight loss and general physical fitness. A Pilates Brixton based class, or one closer to you is not just for people who are already fit. Anyone can try it, and the exercises and classes can be adjusted to suit different levels of fitness, skill, and even for pregnancy.

Pilates is not Yoga!

While there are some things that are similar, a focus on breathing, some stretching, these are not the same exercise at all. Pilates is a more modern development and Yoga is an ancient discipline that has a more spiritual and meditative component. While Yoga has physical benefits too, Pilates works more on flexibility, strengthening and cardio as well. Doing Pilates on a regular basis can help with a range of health concerns such as balance problems, back pain, poor posture as well as helping relived stress and lose weight. Learning breathing techniques helps people manage stress in and out of class, it helps pregnant women and after Pilates Herne Hill you will feel calmer as well as physically better.

Suitable for anyone

If you have never tried it, or know very little about it, or even if you have done it before but are not that great at it, Pilates could be a good thing to learn and do on a regular basis. Not every workout is something everyone can have a go at. Some things require a certain fitness level, a certain flexibility, a certain strength even. Pilate classes can help improve muscle tone, lose weight, improve flexibility and body shape for everyone. Men and women, children to seniors, pregnant women, sporty athletic types, and beginners too. Improve posture with low impact movements which means it is not hard on the joints. Pilates brixton can be achieved by most people, and when help is needed it is adjustable by trainers to reach you even then.

A lot of sports competitors benefit from Pilates

If you compete in any kind of sport, you could still benefit from attending classes. Your coordination is improved, you have a better awareness of your body as you move it and you can achieve better flexibility and core strength. These things are beneficial to a whole range of different sports. It is also something that is great to do as a way to recover from sporting injuries.


When you have a healthy lifestyle that includes any form of exercise you can enjoy feeling better physically and mentally and you have an improved quality of life and an extended lifespan. Pilates Herne Hill can be altered so that anyone can enjoy it and benefit from doing it. As you get more experienced, after you have the baby, or when you are stronger and fitter, then you can look at moving into more experienced levels of classes!

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This Article Penned by Lora Davis.