For most veterans, asbestos exposure is one of the last things on their minds. As an active member of the military, much more immediate safety concerns take precedence. Unfortunately, exposure to asbestos while serving in the military has caused many service men and women to be diagnosed later in life with mesothelioma cancer. The results of asbestos exposure can take decades to appear, but when mesothelioma symptoms are detected, there are serious health issues to contend with. Fortunately, when asbestos-related diseases are diagnosed, there is help available.

Veterans of the United States military are at particular risk of developing diseases caused by asbestos exposure since several branches of the military – particularly the Navy – used asbestos-containing materials extensively. Service men and women were exposed while working in Navy ships (which were built with asbestos materials) and at the shipyards. Those involved in the building, maintenance, or repairs of Navy ships suffer the greatest risk. Since most did not know that the materials they were working with were dangerous, these veterans did not know to be on the lookout for mesothelioma symptoms later in life.

In a situation where an asbestos-related disease has been diagnosed, asbestos manufacturers may have been at fault for the initial exposure. When a veteran notices or suspects any mesothelioma symptoms, he or she needs to take action immediately. Obviously, medical treatment is the first priority. However, another important step for asbestos victims is contacting an attorney who handles this type of legal issue. When any kind of cancer is present, medical treatment comes first. But if the cancer is the result of another party’s negligence, contacting an attorney may be equally valuable to you. With the settlement you may be able to receive, you can pay for the medical care that could greatly improve or extend your quality of life.

If a veteran is diagnosed with an asbestos related disease, he or she should seek out legal representation that has specific experience in this field and discuss the possibility of filing an asbestos claim. Asbestos-related symptoms should never be ignored, either medically or legally. Why not do everything you can to improve your situation – especially if your situation is the result of someone else’s poor decision? This is why you should visit and consider hiring Baron and Budd, P.C. With their extensive asbestos litigation experience behind you, you have a much better chance of receiving the settlement that you deserve. If you have been wronged by an asbestos manufacturer's negligence, you should be compensated for your illness.

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