You are sailing well along with your early days of your pregnancy. Emotions and excitements and many such cheerful bubbles are part of the prenatal period and so is the nausea during pregnancy.

Initially it is like everything is fine and the very next you are up in the morning with some kind of sickness. It is some strange icky feeling rising in the pit of your stomach, it sure felt me during my pregnancy days but, all thanks to various internet resources that helped me to know this is nothing that I can handle.

Morning sickness and nausea are the common problem that most of the expectant mother faces.

Nausea during pregnancy is something I or most of the mother-to-be couldn’t avoid. It comes with the package I guess. It is knowledgeable to learn how to cope with them. Pregnant women experiences nausea or morning sickness during their 1st trimester but, some has them throughout their pregnancy.

Your doctor would suggest some remedies, and there are other alternatives books and resources that can enlighten on the same.

Let us find out how some of the things can work for you:

Take frequent short breaks- Get up and move around for some minutes which will re-invigorate you.

Cut back your activities- Nausea during pregnancy can make you tiresome. Scaling back on your routine activities will help you take more rest for e.g. consider doing shopping online.

Keeping your fitness routine- Exercise is the last thing that you would be considering during your pregnancy days but, a little walk or breathing exercise can boost your energy level especially if you are sitting all day. Consult your doctor before indulging in exercises.

Going bed early- It is important that you get at least 9 hours sleep. Resting will improve your blood flow that, will help you wake freshen up the next day with less of nausea effects.

Eat meals rich in protein and iron- Fatigue/Nausea may be the symptom of iron deficiency, but balancing your meals with intake of proper iron and vitamins surely helps.

Avoid what trigger nausea- There are other causes that triggers nausea during pregnancy, such as odours, heat and humidity, stuffy rooms etc. Try to avoid or stay away from them as far as possible.

Following these basic tips, will help you overcome your nausea problems. You won’t be able to gain any benefits from your new exploration on pregnancy unless you use them.

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