I received a call from a women who was very nervous and concerned because every night when she went into her son's bedroom she would see orbs, orbs of light passing across the child's room. She told me her dog, who was very old and to whom she was very attached, had passed away recently. The dog had slept in the room by her child's crib. Could these orbs be related to the dog? If not, what? She also felt other strange energies in the house.

We went to the house and began our investigation, there were many things going on in this house. There was an energy vortex near the child's bedroom and very strange unsettling energy in the parents' bedroom. The whole house felt like it was tingling. When we went upstairs there was very strong pervasive energy that was difficult to pinpoint.

We moved outside and determined, after much dowsing, that there were some dry faults under the house and several energy vortexes. We closed the vortexes and worked on closing the dry faults and moving them outside the house. This session resulted in eliminating the orbs and light forms in the son's room and a marked improvement in energy throughout.

Several months passed and we received a call from the woman again, saying that some of the disturbing energies had returned and could we come back for a second session? It was the holidays and the rainy season here in the NW, so we couldn't get back to her until late winter. In the interim she had contacted in turn, a psychic, a feng shui practitioner and a geomancer. The psychic scared her and told her there was no fixing the angry spirits. The feng shui practitioner had her move furniture around and add some plants, to no avail. The geomancer came to her home and did his consultation from his car. He then planted some steel rods, wound in copper, at various points around the foundation of the home. None of this seemed to help, in fact, things felt worse, our client told us when she called asking us to please come back.

The client told us that she was determined to sell the house and move, but she wanted to make things right in the house to facilitate a sale. More importantly, the energy had become so unsettling that she had not been able to sleep in her bedroom with her husband for months. The energy she felt was sad and angry.

First we dowsed around and under the house and found that the dry faults had become wet faults during the winter, but that the moisture was most marked under the home. We dowsed the perimeter of the foundation and found the steel and copper rods placed there by the geomancer and immediately saw that they had been placed in such a way that they had "dammed" the flow of the fault, retaining the excess groundwater. We removed the rods and performed some earth acupuncture with bamboo stakes in the appropriate points of the faults which drew off the excess moisture. We still felt that there were other factors that we sensed but could not precisely place as to their origin or true nature.

We found some anomalies in the EMF (electromagnetic fields) in the house and the client called in an electrician a few days later who found and repaired some faulty wiring in the walls and a few switches. Again, things were much better, but we asked to come back in a few weeks with some other tools and complete our investigation and the clearing.

On our third visit we went back to the upstairs family room that was a source of some intense energy. We found a very large vortex that rose up from the earth through the garage and into a seldom used part of the family room (unused because of the eerie feeling.) We took advantage of this vortex to introduce the client, and a few of our students we'd brought along, to the practice of controlling and moving the vortex energy. We manipulated the vortex, "corralling" the energy with our outstretched arms and hands, then pushed it back into a narrow (6") column, then expanded it again, as far as we could. After becoming comfortable with this process we again contracted the vortex and "created" an energy form of a rose quartz tube to contain the vortex and keep it from influencing the room and the family. This became fun, non-threatening and immediately effective.

We then turned our attention to the master bedroom. This room had always seemed strangely inhospitable, sad and angry and not a relaxing space at all. One by one we focused on the room, walking through and scanning it with our hands and allowing ourselves to be drawn to the source of the energy. We found the source in one of the large bedroom closets. As a group, we sat silently to listen and learn what the energy had to tell us. It was the spirit of a tree, a very large Douglas fir that had been the mother tree to the hill top on which it had grown for almost 200 years. This hilltop had been cleared less than 10 years before to make room for one of those developments of giant homes on big lots. It had been home to thousands of birds, bugs, mosses and many, many living forms. It sheltered animals and the native people long before Oregon was "settled." It had been ruthlessly cut down along with her numerous "children" and neighboring trees and plants with no ceremony, no respect. It was a murdered spirit that needed to be honored and released. We gathered the client and our group together and gave ceremony for the release of the great tree's spirit. The effect was profound. The energy in the home was finally balanced and calm came to the house and land.

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