“Just who can help me save my marriage?” Is that your cry because you feel you’ve thought of everything but you just can’t seem to think of what to do to save your marriage? Then it’s time for you to seek help from other sources besides your own head.

Consider the different sources below and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much they can help you.

Self-help Marriage Books

This will be my number one choice if I needed a solution to help me save my marriage, and chances are if you’ve tried surfing online for help, you might have stumbled across a few books on Amazon.com or downloadable e-books that are catered towards helping you to save your marriage.

Self-help books are my number one choice because many of them are written by highly experienced marriage counsellors who have found the “winning formula”, so they usually have a success rate higher than that of most marriage counsellors. What’s more, they cost pennies compared to what you’ll have to pay for counselling.

Online Forums Catered To Marriage Problems

My next choice to help me save my marriage would be online forums, especially those catered towards marriage problems. They are the perfect places to go to because they offer a platform to questions anonymously and get solutions from a variety of people who’ve gone through similar situations.

Best of all, it’s free. However, it does lack real-time interaction like a back-and-forth dialogue, so help might not come as rapidly. But it’s still a great source of help nonetheless.

Asking People You Know

That includes friends, family members and relatives, especially if they have all dodged impending divorces. They will know first hand how to solve my problem, which makes them my third choice to help me save my marriage.

You can try asking them even if they have seemingly perfect relationships currently, because you never know what they’ve gone through.

Of course, the problem with this is that you’ll only get to hear experiences that are limited to what worked for others, which might not necessarily work for you.

Seek Help From A Marriage Counsellor

The final source I would choose to help me save my marriage is to seek the help of marriage counsellors. They have the appropriate training in resolving marital conflicts coupled with their many years of experiences working with different couples of different problems.

You can ask questions on the spot, which will help you greatly to solve your marriage problems. However, it may cost a fair bit so it’s not a viable option for some. Moreover, you might also run into the common problem that your spouse might not want to go with you to seek counsel together.

What’s more, counselling is not a cure-all solution. With only about a 30% success rate, that’s hardly enough to make it worth shouting “Help me save my marriage!” at the counsellor.

So there you have it, my top four choices of help to seek if I needed help to help me save my marriage. Read them again if you need to so that you can decide what help to seek to save yours. Just remember to take action because the longer you delay, the harder it will be to save your marriage.

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