Whiplash is a common injury that occurs during an accident where in the head is forced to a sudden rebound movement. This usually happens during a car accident or when playing sports. The head experiences a jerked motion in the forward, backward or sideways direction. This whiplash injury occurs in the neck and the most common whiplash side effects are neck pain and stiffness.

When you have a whiplash injury, sometimes, it will take months before the symptoms appear which can lead to further injury to the neck area. Since people are unaware of their whiplash injury, they do not seek care for it. However, there are people who will feel the immediate whiplash side effects and they can call a chiropractor to start treating them. Chiropractors are well trained in treating patients with whiplash because such injury is directly related to the spine.

How can whiplash be detected? There can be misdiagnosis of whiplash; some physicians will just describe it as hypochondriac. If the injury is misdiagnosed then the patients cannot get the proper treatment for his neck pain. Insurance companies cover whiplash injuries because these are quite common and if you are misdiagnosed, you will not get the medical coverage. Today, imaging scan equipment can detect if a person suffers from a soft tissue. Hence, more correct diagnosis will be given.

Are there any broken bones when you suffer from whiplash? No, whiplash side effects affect the soft tissue in the neck area. Symptoms are pain and stiffness. The feeling can be very similar to a stiff neck. Torn muscles or ligaments cause the stiffness because it can no longer support the movement of the head. As a natural reaction of the body, the muscles contract to prevent any more injury so it becomes tight and stiff which is causing the pain. Headaches can be felt with whiplash. It can be experienced in one side or both sides of the head. The headache can be constant or occurs in intervals. Other symptoms that can be felt are fatigue, numbness, shoulder pain, lower back pain, nausea, vertigo, stiffness, dizziness, pain in shoulders, pain in arms or legs, pain in hands or feet and pain in the jaw.

People with whiplash injuries call a chiropractor to help them. Chiropractors take on different cases of whiplash injuries because no injury is the same as the other. The patient will undergo evaluation first before the chiropractor can make a unique treatment plan. For treating whiplash injury, the most common chiropractic techniques used are muscle relaxation or stimulation, spinal manipulation, chiropractic exercises and a lifestyle change. Spinal manipulation is needed to re-align the spine and restore the optimum mobility of the vertebrae. When the spine is aligned once again, pressure from the joints will be released.

Muscle relaxation is also needed because the muscles in the neck are stiff and tight. Massage therapy or gentle stretching will help stimulate the muscles. Trigger point therapy may also be used to relax the muscles. So, if you are suffering from whiplash side effects, a visit to a chiropractor is needed. Click Here for more

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