Your mother is brilliant, but she is blocked. She is a spiritual, creative woman and she’s made her declaration that she wants to live a life free from the ghosts of the past. She wants to make her dreams come true, to share her gifts with the world. But she’s bumping into an obstacle, and she’s so frustrated that you fear she may just give up. If this is happening to your mom, (or if you are the mom and this is happening to you), help is on the way. This article reveals why mom is stuck and how she can go from blocked to brilliant again.

Why can’t your mother make herself happy? She’s surely done a great job of helping everyone else move ahead. You’d love to help her, but no matter what you do, she’s still stuck.

I got good news and bad news. Let me start with the bad news because they lead to the good news. The bad news is that you can’t make mom happy. No one can! Only mama can make mama happy because happiness is a choice.

The good news is that your mom seems to have chosen that happiness. In that case, all she needs is Mom’s Diamond, aka the Transformation Diamond.

What is Mom’s Diamond? It is a gem of consciousness that activates mom’s four Inner Forces of Transformation. These Inner Forces are four archetypes who must all be mobilized and integrated; sort of an Inner Dream Team. If one of these archetypes is not engaged, your mom can’t move ahead. She cannot achieve the transformation she needs to leave the past behind and create the life she wants.

This is the Sacred Feminine forces within her. The Queen governs right-brain learning, emotions and intuition. The activation of these properties leads to INSPIRATION.
Inspiration engages your passion, which is the fuel for transformation. If you are not passionate about what you want, it won’t happen. You’ll give up. But if you are passionate, you need to sustain that passion, so that frustration and the day to day obstacles don’t dim it. Inspiration feeds your passion.

Many of us seek information, understanding and new skills. We seek to change our external circumstances. And at the end, we go nowhere. What’s going on? The Queen is not being honored. The Queen has secret ways of knowing. She is connected to Soul. You need to listen to the Queen and her creative, intuitive powers so that you can engage your Core Self, your Soul, in the transformation you seek. That’s why inspiration is essential to transformation. Inspiration moves you into action whereas knowledge can spin the wheels of your mind while you seat in your couch!

This is the Sacred Masculine forces within mom. The King governs left-brain learning, organization and skills. This is the logical, building, problem-solving team in mom’s consciousness. They lead to understanding.

Understanding engages your capacity for analysis, which brings clarity and perspective. It allows you to acquire new skills, organize a strategy and implement it. Without understanding, you are confused and helpless. If your left-brain does not understand, your subconscious will resist because your left-brain is afraid of the Unknown. Its fear flags the subconscious, which then puts up a resistance campaign.

And let me tell you something. The subconscious is boss. It governs about 95% of the responses to your life, even without your knowledge. That’s why you need the next Inner Force of Transformation.

The Alchemist is also an aspect of the Sacred Feminine. It includes imagination and creativity, magic or spiritual wisdom and the alchemy of Internal Actions.

We are drilled into the mindset that we must take action in order to achieve anything. This is true. But what few people know is that there are Internal Actions and External Actions. External Actions are the ones most of us know. You’ll learn about them in a second. But Internal Actions are not so well known. These are invisible, but very tangible emotional and energy processes inside you that transform your emotions, energy patterns and chemistry. They are the foundation of External Actions. If your Internal Actions are resisting your actions in the world, the later will be ineffective.

The Alchemist takes the lead of the problem and transmutes it into the gold of the solution by using her magic and creativity to generate powerful Internal Actions that shift your perception, change your chemistry and transmute and channel your emotions. That is powerful stuff! When this internal transformation takes place, the world instantly aligns with your inner flow. That’s when synchronicity and opportunities show up as if by magic. Well, it is magic!

This is another aspect of the Sacred Masculine. Picture a knight riding a horse, risking his life at the service of his country. He carries a Diamond Sword that cuts through anything. His horse gives him speed, resilience and helps him reach far into the world. His shield is impenetrable and he uses it to deflect fear, rejection and hopelessness.

The Warrior goes to battle with whatever obstacle you face and takes the necessary risks to triumph. He musters the courage to leap into the unknown, which is essential for transformation.

The Warrior champions Free-choice, helping you generate the will-power to release Habit-choices. Finally, he commands External Actions; the actions you take to change your environment and affect the world. The Warrior serves his Queen (Creative Soul) and King (Strategic Mind) on behalf of his country (all of you and the Great Circle of Life).

This, in short is the power of Mom’s Diamond. Once a woman has the Transformation Diamond in her hands, she can generate the transformation she needs to leave the past behind, break out of Habit-choices, cut through fear and limiting beliefs and create the life she wants for herself.

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Maria Mar is an artist-shaman and Transformation Artist who helps spiritual creative women birth the transformation they need to live the life they want. She helps you to activate your creativity to paint your life or business with the true colors of your spirit. Learn the art of living your dream right now. See the video at