There's many factors that people take into consideration before purchasing a hot tub. A lot of people rightly have question to ask and we are always happy to help. Hopefully by reading this a lot of your questions will be answered for you but if you have anything further to ask feel free to get in touch today where all of our staff will be more than happy to help you.

One of the things that a lot of people enquire about is if they are going to need pipes to fill their hot tub. The answer is no, hot tubs can be filled with an average garden hose. The water in your tub will only need changing once a month and this is also an easy process, you simply have to connect with an attachment (which comes will all hot tubs) and release the water down the closest drain. Another popular question is whether it requires high maintenance, the answer to this is also no, all of out tubs require low maintenance.

It's become apparent that people often wonder why they shouldn't buy a hot tub with a wooden base. The base of a hot tub is incredibly important as it helps to decide how long it's lifespan is, wooden bases often shorten the lifespan meaning these tubs do not last as long. Hot tubs usually have a shallow bed of water at all times dues to rain and water residue from the spa, with a wooden floor this can often lead to rotting of the wood which can also lead up to the equipment in the cabinet of the spa and damage it severely. If this happens as the inside of the cabinet of a hot tub is usually warm it can attract vermin. Here at grizzly bear hot tubs all of our tubs come with tough plastic bases, allowing you to rest assured that your spa will be able to handle damp condition and completely eliminate the risk of vermin.

Another thing that people enquire about is the cost of which hot tubs cost to run and also how much hot tub chemicals cost. We supply one of the most highest energy efficient hot tubs Scotland have to offer. For a six person hot tub it should cost you roughly about £30 a month. No matter what other spa companies may tell you, this is in fact a bargain as we are being completely honest not trying to win more customers by providing them with false facts. Hot tub chemicals available to you are Chlorine, Bromine, Aqua-finesse and 002 oxygen products, these should cost you approximately £20 a month.

If you are wondering what space and electricity etc. you will need to provide for the installation of your hot tub here's some of the main facts. From where you are looking to place your tub you will need a minimum one metre space from the road. The land where you are positioning it also has be level. Suitable electric supply with RCD protection will have to be available. The electrical supply depends on which hot tub you want. If you are unsure whether your land is suitable or not than you can email us with photos and we will advise you the best we can.

If you order a hot tub from us you will be able to have it fitted within one or two weeks, to check out next available date to install your tub call 01382 339133.

We hope that this has provided you with some of the queries you may have been haven, but if you are looking for any more information or what something explaining further get in touch today for answers and advice.

If you're looking to purchase one of the quality hot tubs Scotland have to offer then we hope that this information will help you with any questions you may have.

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