Targets cannot walk into a po-po station saying they are suffering harassment without cause. The whole point of targation is to make targets look insane, paranoid, and delusional.

Target is justified in feeling subjected to experimentation under situations of extreme duress. Just like a volcano, they want a unjustified reaction. This how they bait, trap, and snare T.I's into snapping. Jail, Death, Mental institutions, crack houses, homeless, choose one or all of the above.

Ever read the most dangerous game. (I did in 4th grade, and I was scared). Quick cliff notes.. Man swims to Island to be hunted by game hunter...written 1924. End of Story.

This is recycled news, brought to new times, advancements in technology sped things up a bit to induce terror in a targetted set up, I play with'em, shake'em up a lil, by not giving them what they want makes them compliant!!! If receiving fucked up food, send back, do not reorder.

Harassment while driving, drive like grandma, use dash cams like a mo forStay in control.

Listening in on my calls, I hope they have a happy jack off hour ;), considering my line of work. Imagine chess, I am King on My Board, I protect me, I move my pieces at will.

When I don't respond to negative situations they lose. Please follow My logic.. I feel awareness brings about a tremendous amount of strength. Awareness built from fear, but I translate fear into enlightenment by understanding how to control others around Me in social situations.

Electronic warfare I keep crystals with me at all times, especially shungite, black tourmaline, phantom quartz, orgonite, anything eating electrical fields.

Damage my body has suffered 2% heart murmur, fried central nervous system. Simple ways in protecting myself from unwanted fielded frequencies.

Health wise I keep myself stacked on Vitamin b and collagen powder. My body eats B due to stress, and keeping joint movement. Diet of veggies, fruits, and grains kept as natural as possible.

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