UK Government grants several types of Visa to the native of other country, which allows them the work or stay in UK for some time period. There are some requirements that are compulsory to fulfill to be eligible for any type of UK Visa. Let’s have a look upon EEA Family Permit and Tier 2 General Visa UK.
EEA Family Permit UK agrees to the holder to enter or leave in United Kingdom for several times as they need to and they can also take employment in this beautiful nation as well. In addition to it, as per the EEA Family Permit any EU inhabitant attractive up abode in United Kingdom in agreement with the EU regulation can also bring their family along with them. The EEA family permit is valid for six months and after getting the same ( EEA family Permit ) candidate need to apply for the EU residence card as well because this card verify the rights of the candidates in UK during their stay in this region . Moving forward, EU residence card is valid up to five years after the date of issue.
Apart from this, as per this immigration category EEA Family permit holder can work or continue in this region on the basis of them bring a reliant of a resident of European Economic Area (EEA). To get the EEA family permit candidate must be the spouse or civil partner of an EEA region or an offspring of EEA state or their spouse, civil partner under the age twenty one. Besides this, candidates must have fulfill some basic requirements such as they must be work out their agreement civil rights and candidates ( non EEA Family member or EEA national members must be legally married to each other so that they can provide the genuine evidence of their relationships from last two years.
Expect EEA family Permit, there is also Tier 2 General Visa that also gives the non-citizen of UK to stay in UK and find job here. A per the Tier 2 General Visa UK one can grant a skills occupation in this region even if candidate from outside the European Economic Area or Switzerland as well. In order to get this visa one need to be employed through a certified guarantor to be appropriate to live in United Kingdom. The sponsor will check if the candidate is capable to do the job or not and if the same will make someone (candidate) eligible for the visa or not. Thereafter they will assign a certification of sponsorship to the candidate to confirm the same. Apart from this, Sponsor also provide the candidate all other necessary information which can be needed during the time of applying for visa. Apart from this, one can only apply three months early before they are going to begin their work in United Kingdom and they will get the reply for immigration of UK with the same time period. Moving forward, the charges of the tier 2 general visa UK is totally based upon the type of visa as well as the native place to the candidate from where they are going to apply for this visa.

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UK Government grants several types of Visa to the native of other country, which allows them the work or stay in UK for some time period.