Many studies show that businesses spend a lot on gaining customers but spend very less on converting them.
Whether you are planning to start your eCommerce business or you are running a profitable online business, the conversion rates matter a lot for the business. It means higher the conversion rates better will be the chances for your business to generate revenues.
Basically, having a higher conversion rate means higher revenue for the business. The formula is simple the more products sold the more profit you make.
Now the question is why boosting the conversion rates of your online business is profitable for the business.
When you hire professional e-commerce SEO services, they actually work towards increasing your business revenue.
Gather data
Experts say that you should gather plenty of data to identify the behavior of you people who are using your site.
Many SEO services company use various techniques to determine the user behavior coming to your site like
· Customer surveys
· Google Analytics
· Session recordings
· Heat mapping
· Controlled user testing
All of the above methods allow you to analyze and get a clear view.
Determine the bitter aspects
Try to focus on increasing the audience. It is better to figure out the bitter aspects right from the beginning and not just at the end. Find out the chances where you can prosper like features of your website and customer theory etc
Find out the prospects on the same sites
Try to find out the sites with similar interests as that of your demographic. You need to look for what the customers are browsing while shopping online or through cell phones. What are they looking for? This clearly gives you a clear picture for you to determine on your site.
Keep testing over and over again
The objective behind testing your SEO Friendly eCommerce Website Development process rolls with the customers and particular section of customers, for example, new customers versus returning ones. The information that customers should be aware of which will help them decide whether to buy or not.
Understand the psychology of your potential customers
According to experts offering Magento SEO packages it is important to hold the visitors on-site and for that, you should find out what exactly motivates them to engage in their favorite products/brands.

Basically, you need to put in efforts to understand your customers better or rather understand their psychology.
Try to figure out their interests and their dislikes, what they are comfortable with and what annoys them, what encourages them to take action and what makes them drive out?
Create quality and relevant Content
Nothing can replace a meaningful and relevant content which can transform your eCommerce business completely in different ways
You have to focus on boosting conversions and valuable content has its own significance from the point of view of attracting potential customers. The idea of a perfect content marketing
· Builds three times the number of leads as compared to paid search campaigns
· Develops trust and boosts the tendency to purchase
· Boosts conversion rate to nearly 600%

Use Popups & Overlays to engage customers
Popups & overlay forms are quite effective to improve your mailing list and increase overall sales.
Just like content marketing, you need to create and present popups on your site systematically to engage the visitors effectively. It means apart from other aspects the popups you create should
· Provide elements that Offer something of value to boost conversions
· Scheduled properly so that you do not interrupt customer experience
· Compliment the brand and interact with the target audience
Create relevant product pages
It is quite obvious that when a visitor clicks on the product page, it doesn’t indicate that they are going to buy that product
Well, there are different reasons why a customer clicks on the product page. They may check out for learning more about the product specifications, compare prices with other brands or they may be just browsing to kill time.
Certainly, they may be planning to purchase a product if the product page offers them everything they are looking out for. When it comes to creating perfect product pages you need to keep in mind a set of elements to be included on the product page like
· Titles and descriptions of the product
· Photographs and videos for the product
· CTA copy & buttons
· Product based options for customization like color, size, etc
· Additional details
Utilize calculated Pricing
Of course, the prices play the primary role in online business for consumers while making a purchase. Well, according to the CPC strategy nearly 87% of people engaged in online shopping say that the price of any product becomes the most important and deciding factor in whether they should buy the product or not.
Now, this doesn’t mean that consumers only lookout for cheaper prices; instead they try to look for a fair price for any item available online.
All the above factors will help you increase the conversion rates for your business and in turn generate revenues.

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