The interest of common people is the major reason behind social media networking sites to enable them connect with a vast array of human identities who may be existing friends or new people. In summary, the value of social media cannot be quantified and this online platform increases popularity exponentially.

Here are useful tips to becoming a better and skillful social networking participant:

  1. Invest time to research on what the individual prefers as his or her best communication media. One of the popular medium for becoming widely known on the web is a website. So, explore the author’s contact webpage and find out how open they are to others in terms of allowing other people connect with them. Simply adhere to their rules and line of advice as it relates to connecting with people.
  2. Avoid lengthy messages: Social media basically targets at attracting people’s attention to us in the shortest time possible. A lot of people are put off by long messages – it is more effective to keep your messages concise. A 60 word-count is sufficient to create a compelling message on Twitter platform rather than a boring episode of 500 words. The rule also applies in other Social Media platforms.
  3. Don’t beat about the bush: If what you want is contact exchange with a new connection, say it outright from the word go – don’t corner around and wait till the last line of the message. Make your intentions clear from the onset.
  4. Don’t be careful about your demand: But don’t go overboard as well, keep it as fair as possible. Indeed, you can ask for anything that is fair from your connections, especially when they show good signs of friendliness from the beginning.
  5. Be prudent with your interferences: You must not dabble into every post and talk – also, learn to respond the right time and with choice words that would make you respected.
  6. Avoid sounding anxious: It makes you suspicious and people may start avoiding you. Avoid using sentences such as ‘we need to talk urgently’. Be genuine and friendly indeed and not trying to impose things.
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