For the person just starting or restarting a work-out schedule and is thinking about purchasing a treadmill, it can be very overwhelming. There are many brands and models to choose from and the differences in pricing many times can tell us you get what you pay for. Treadmills can vary in price anywhere from $100 to $9,000!

Let’s discuss what treadmills can do to see if one will fit your needs, your budget, your schedule, and your available space.

Depending on where you are with your exercise regime, you can shed anywhere from 450 to 750 calories per hour exercising on a treadmill, plus you get the all-important cardiovascular workout at the same time. That is one reason why they continue to remain one of the most popular purchases today. If you are a novice, set your goals in baby steps so you don’t overdo it. This will motivate you to keep going and not get frustrated. What is fun about many treadmills is you can choose to walk one day, jog or run another, then switch it up and set the incline higher for a more challenging workout.

If you are ready to purchase a treadmill, some items on your checklist to consider should be:

Do you plan on using it every day; or, if the weather is nice and you enjoy walking or running outside on those days, will the treadmill gather dust in your workout area? Speaking of your workout area, measure the space you have to put a treadmill, including the ceiling height.

The more bells, whistles and programs included in your purchase will bring the price you pay up, but you will improve your performance the more you use it and may want more of a challenge after those baby steps.

Finding a treadmill that fits you is very important. Try out various models in your price range to make sure the foot pedals and handle bars work for you; and, if more than one person will be using the treadmill, is it adjustable to fit him or her.

Safety should be a high priority. Read the manual that comes with your treadmill at least once, if not twice.

Treadmill motors can be noisy, so if you like to watch television or listen to the radio, the quieter the better. Direct current motors are quieter.

Other things to consider before you get your checkbook out are the warranty periods, the company’s customer service ratings, and possible service contracts.

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Hopefully these tips and topics to consider has been a helpful aide in your treadmill investment.

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Nate Summers is a Content Manager for CRN Treadmill Reviews with deep knowledge in many topics including appliances, electronics and fitness equipment.