With economic activity reaching new levels of volatility all business must due what is possible to maintain focus on customer acquisition and revenue, That said the ebbs and flows of economic uncertainty equally effect non profit business.

Non profits rely on numerous benefactors to provide revenue to their respective foundations. However one of the many issues with non profits is their lack of aggressiveness (in some cases) in seeking revenue. There are a few concepts that non profits can alter:

1. Non profits might consider the notion they are in the marketing business. Non profits must promote brand like other organizations. The magic is in the value.
2. All staff must be focused in building the brand. Without sounding trite there is strength in numbers.
3. Ignore the bromides of runs, walks, etc and conduct contrary activities that attract new participants.
4. Cancel marketing activities that bring little return on investment. Use all IMC resources to assist with promoting campaigns.
5. Terminate non active board members. Non activists are anchors to a trolling ship.
6. Ensure Board Chairs and Executive Directors are part of the process. Mentioned earlier ALL need be involved.
7. Use volunteers wisely assigning them tasks to aid with marketing efforts. Nothing is better for marketing then the passion and conviction of volunteers

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Drew Stevens is one of the world’s leading authorities on business development and sales. Drew is the author of the successful sales process book Split Second Selling. He is also the creator of the Sales Leadership Certificate one of only 14 programs in the United States offering an accredited degree in the profession of selling and has a top ranked podcast called Sales Fitness. To discover how Dr. Drew can assist your organization to increase their business development skills visit him at www.stevensconsultinggroup.com