For those of you who feel under the weather and feel as if your health is constantly compromised, it could be that the route of energy is being blocked within your body. According to ancient Vedic scriptures, this energy emanates from seven Chakras, all of which are delicately balanced during optimal health and aligned with a person’s endocrine system. When properly balanced and working in conjunction with each other, you will look and feel healthy on a mental, physical and spiritual level. However, when these Chakras are out of balance you are unlikely to feel at your best.

If working out of sync, these Chakras need to be re-balanced and, when they are re-calibrated the Chakras within your body will once again work as a team to maintain your overall health. Many people realize their health is dependent on all of seven Chakras, each one of which is assigned to individual sections of your endocrine system. Taking into account these seven Chakras, it shouldn’t be too onerous to re-balance them and achieve perfect health and harmony. However, these seven Chakras are only the major Chakras. It would appear that there are also around 80,000 minor Chakras as well. This makes it rather more difficult to line up all the many Chakras sufficiently adequately to regain your health. Or, does it?

It would be fair to say that, if you expect to have a harmonious balance between your Chakras, then you have some responsibility towards helping this harmony to be attained, regardless of how many Chakras you have. In fact, whether you have 7 or 80,000 Chakras, if the kind of lifestyle you live is particularly unhealthy or you abuse your body in a way that is likely to prevent any form of harmony being achieved, then it doesn’t matter how many times you attempt to re-balance your body’s Chakras. The fact that you have some responsibility towards maintaining the harmony and balance of your body’s Chakras is often something that seems to get glossed over.

So, you have taken a positive act to live a healthier life-style. This allows your Chakras to attempt to re-balance their position in your body. To encourage this re-balancing, there are certain things that you can do to help. This includes listening to relaxing music and meditating, eating a more healthy diet and avoiding alcohol, drugs and smoking. Similarly, including a daily exercise plan in your new healthy life regimen as well as avoiding situations that are likely to increase your levels of stress. These are all extrinsic factors that can have a beneficial effect on re-balancing your Chakras, each having an effect on intrinsic factors such as altering your state of mind.

Once each of these factors begin to have an effect on the seven major Chakras in your body, this allows the various Chakras to realign themselves, having an intrinsic effect on your mental, spiritual and physical health. Once the seven major Chakras have been re-balanced you will find those innumerable minor Chakras begin to fall back into a beneficial balance. You will gradually notice a return to good health, a reduction in lethargy and find yourself habitually enjoying a much happier and healthier life in an all-round balance.

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