Each and every one of us possesses creative intelligence most of which is likely untapped and therefore unused. Whether it is a preoccupation with our busy lives or sheer laziness thinking outside the box is something most of us do not do enough of. Nonetheless these creative resources still reside inside each of us waiting to be called upon. In most cases there are ways to create an environment or nurture conditions that stimulates your thinking process leading to your next 'great' idea. This usually requires breaking from the 'routine' of your hectic life and can be done with little effort and normally great pleasure.

Here are 5 techniques and/or tips you can use to preserve, sharpen and stimulate the creativity and innovation that exists within you.


By taking simple relaxation measures such as lounging in a hammock or relaxing by the pool helps to reduce stress. This allows the mind to focus better by removing the 'clutter' from your thinking process. The key is the stress reduction you experience which also helps you remember things much better.

Let Mother Nature Inspire You

Take in the Mother Nature by going for a walk or even a bike ride. The relaxed state you experience along with the exercise allows the mind to more easily tap into its creative resources. Nature has a tendency to inspire if you allow it to, which leads to being more creative. Exercise on the other hand increases the flow of oxygen to the brain allowing it to function more effectively.

Break From the Pack

Get away from the work environment or any other social 'static' that creates tension or occupies your focus. Busy environments tend to occupy the mind to the point where the mind is 'reacting' more than it is thinking.

Garbage in Garbage Out

You are what you eat so careful what you decide to 'chow down' on! Like your muscles your brain requires the proper nourishment also. A diet that includes lots of fish, fruits and vegetables is good for the brain and the body. Remember your mind and body are supposed to last you a lifetime so it is essential to take care of both the best you can.

Challenge Your Mind

Keep your mind active by continuing to challenge it with new things it has not encountered before. Whether it is a hobby, skill or even a new language presenting something new to your mind is like exercising it to keep it sharp. Do not allow your mind to go unchallenged but rather 'feed' it with new experiences that will help keep it functioning at its best.

As the saying goes 'use it or lose it'!

We all have creative intelligence that in many cases goes woefully under utilized due to varying reasons. Sometimes it is simply nothing more than our busy lifestyles that inhibit us from being able to tap into the potential of our own creative resources. Thinking outside the box however is critical in the development of both the individual and society as a whole. Without creativity and innovation where would we all be today in terms of education and technology? It is therefore important to do what we can to preserve and help stimulate our creative thinking process. The 5 tips and techniques mentioned above will help us do just that! After all it is this ability that has lead to the great discoveries and inventions that have marked the advancement of our species.

Author's Bio: 

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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