We all hate the thought of any kind of operation, the hemorrhoid [also known as piles] operation is probably one of the worst as it is probably the most painful due to the area and the need to empty our bowels daily [ouch - I feel the pain already]. Most doctors recommend surgery for this problem instead of trying some good old fashioned home remedies, I think its because of the fast pace we live at. Wanting a instant cure instead of taking maybe 3 months or so to cure the problem.

Home hemorrhoid care revolves around trying to strengthen the affected vein walls [as piles are actually the bulging of the weakest veins in the network of veins in the area] and a added bonus to this is that it strengthens the entire network of veins in the body.

Before we even think of starting the home remedy we have to ensure that we change our diet to ensure that we will not get constipated thus straining the already weakened veins. Here we need to ensure we are eating enough fiber and drinking enough water to keep the stool soft which will ensure less strain on the area with the problem veins.

Remember these are long term remedies and there is no real guarantee that they will work [though there will be improvement in some people while others are cured]. Below are a few well known examples of home remedies.

Curing using fruits:

1) Blackberries [dewberry, bramble and gout-berry] - contain large amounts of a powerful antioxidant called anthocyanosides, which have the ability to help in the rebuild and strengthening of the vein walls. Research has shown a noticeable improvement in hemorrhoids in patients that have been taking an extract of these berries.

The recommended dose for this cure is 4oz's of pure berry juice mixed into the same amount of pure apple juice and taken orally every day [preferably in the morning after your breakfast].

2) Dark colored fruits - plums, cherries, red grapes, prunes and raisins are all very similar to the fruit above and can be taken in the same way. Try avoid the lighter variations of these fruits whenever possible.

3) Horse chestnuts - these nuts also seem to play a good role in the treatment/cure of piles, and have been used for centuries in the cure and treatment of this problem. Containing aescin, which is a known nutrient that helps strengthen the walls and increases the elasticity of the veins.

Recommended dose for this cure is 600mg of horse chestnut extract [contains around 50 milligrams of aescin] three times a day. As the aescin starts working on entering the blood stream improvement in the veins should occur within a few hours.

Warning - do not use this cure if pregnant or breastfeeding and never eat any of the plant, use only the extract.

Curing with herbs:

1) Hyssop [hyssopus officinalis] - a tall semi-wooden plant that grows to about 60 cm and contains the substance diosmin which has the ability to strengthen veins and therefore is a potential cure for hemorrhoids.

Recommended dose for this dried herb - 5 grams [about 2 teaspoons which contains about 300 milligrams of diosmin] taken daily helps to improve and assist with the curing of the problem.

Treating with Essential oils:

1) Cupressus Sempervirens (Cypress) - this oil has vaso-constrictor [contracts the muscle in blood vessels], astringent [contracts the tissues around the blood vessels] and antiseptic qualities. The contraction of the tissue and blood vessels play an important roll in reducing the 'bulge' in the vein.

2) Melaleuca quinquenervia viridiflora (Niaouli) - this oil has antiseptic, bactericide [preventing and killing infection], analgesic [symptom relief] and cicatrisant [encourages healing and scar formation] properties. The ability of this oil to encourage healing and prevent infection while acting as a pain killer is a must for all pile sufferers.

3) Pelargonium (type of geranium) - this oil can assist in the repair of broken capillaries, assist in reducing the inflammation of the swollen veins and stop bleeding, it is no wonder it is used for the curing of hemorrhoids with these specific properties.

The following vitamins also assist with the curing of hemorrhoids:

* vitamin C [1000 milligrams two or three times daily]
* vitamin A [25,000 IU three times a day]
* vitamin B complex [50 milligrams twice daily]
* Vitamin B6 [25 milligrams three times a day]

Remember the oil alone will not cure hemorrhoids, it will just relieve the symptoms so use it in conjunction with the herb or fruit cure for the best results.

Always remember to consult your doctor if any bleeding or serious pain occurs in the affected area.

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