Hemorrhoids have several known cures available. Natural healing is common while medicines are available when the healing process is taking too long. Aside from chemicals and surgeries there are also hemorrhoids natural cure you can use.

1. Fiber and Fluids for Softer and Smoother Feces

The most common cause of hemorrhoids is from constipated fecal matter grazing the rectal tissues enough to inflame the veins. To address the fecal matter must be softened and its texture must become smoother to prevent further pressure on the rectal tissue. A high fiber diet and drinking many fluids will yield this result making these the primary hemorrhoid natural cure.

2. Normal Bowel Movement

Abnormal bowel movement could cause too much pressure on the rectal tissues as more fecal matter are excreted at a time due to them piling up because you release them only after several days have passed. This habit must be change to a normal bowel movement, which is at least three times a week. You can do this by taking a bowel movement every time the urge to do so comes to you. This will help lessen the pressure on the rectal tissues and hemorrhoids making it a natural hemorrhoid cure. If this still does not change your bowel movement habits then you will have to take more fiber or anti-constipation remedies.

3. Eating Citrus Fruits

Fruits have been known to help promote normal bowel movement due to their fiber content. Fruits rich in citrus also help treat the swelling of blood vessels. This is because citrus fruits have Bioflavonoid, a natural compound that promotes normal blood flow and the permeability of blood vessels reducing inflammation and swelling. Not just that, fruits have vitamins that will promote healthy healing and antioxidants to fight infection.

4. Herbal Cures

Several plants are hemorrhoids natural cure. These plants are rich with blood purifiers and anti-inflammatory properties. The most common are Horse Chestnut, which also contains astringents, and Butcher’s Broom that promotes blood circulation. Others are the Witch Hazel, one of the main ingredients of topical remedies such as hemorrhoid creams, and the White Oak Bark, which have properties that help blood vessels get stronger and tougher to break. These herbs can be found in your backyard. All you need to do is learn more about them to help you identify the herbs.

The hemorrhoids natural cure is great remedies free from harsh chemicals found in drug medicines. Keep in mind also that keeping your body health will help greatly in curing any ailments, even hemorrhoids.

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