Hemorrhoids are not only hard for us to discuss because of the embarrassing nature of them, they are also painful and uncomfortable for those who have to put up with the condition. People of all ages suffer from hemorrhoids (also referred to as piles) and the problem is incredibly widespread. Those who are over 50 may find that they suffer from hemorrhoids quite often, as the condition is quite common among this age group. Unusual bowel movements can lead to the condition and a lot of times those people who suffer from constipation will oftentimes suffer from hemorrhoids as well.

Age, pregnancy, and genetics can all lead to having piles, which are really just swollen blood vessels around the anus. Pregnant women have this problem quite frequently. If you are pregnant and are suffering from hemorrhoids you should see your healthcare professional immediately. It is always safest not to use any treatment without first discussing it with your healthcare professional.

Hemorrhoids Natural Cures – Where to Find Them

You can find details of various highly effective natural remedies for piles on the internet. Most natural cures are actually old remedies that are just not well known to most people. They use all natural ingredients and can usually be made into an ointment that you apply to the area in question, or they can be oral. Naturopathic treatments for piles work with your body to repair the veins that are swollen. Unlike traditional creams and suppositories, these treatments are meant to be permanent cures. Once you learn what works you can get permanent relief from the pain and itching that this unpleasant condition causes.

The Problem With Traditional Treatments

Most hemorrhoid treatments, whether prescribed by the doctor or other healthcare professional or treatments you buy over the counter, will not give you permanent relief. The most you can realistically expect from them is temporary help with some of the symptoms such as pain and itching. With some treatments, you may not even get that. The rest, the healing, is left up to your body and nothing is done to prevent the condition coming back. There are some oral medications which will reduce the swelling but it is only a temporary fix. Even surgery on the part in question will be temporary. The hemorrhoids will often return or new ones will appear.

What Are The Symptoms Of Piles?

The symptoms of hemorrhoids are: itching, burning and bleeding. You may feel as if you need to have a bowel movement all the time even though it is not necessary. Bleeding when you have a bowel movement is also very common. If there is a lot of blood when you have a bowel movement you will want to see your healthcare professional immediately. If you feel light headed with the bleeding make sure you go to see your doctor right away. This is a sign you are losing too much blood. Another symptom of the problem is intense itching. This is a very embarrassing symptom as it is not a place you can scratch easily. A burning feeling is also associated with hemorrhoids. Using a natural cure may be the answer to your discomfort.

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