Hemp seed benefits have been used in western food and medicine only in recent years. However, the Chinese have long known about their advantages. Nutritionally, they're superior to many excellent foods and they also seem to have certain compounds, which have remained unidentified, that may bring improvements for many health complaints. They fall within the same species as marijuana but they don't have the psychoactive properties of THC because of their low content.

As a food source, many prefer to eat them as seeds. They have a taste that's similar to pine nuts and can be used in cereals, health bars and stir fries. When combined with flax seeds, they do contain the enzyme inhibitors that can make their proteins a little difficult to digest for some.

The high protein level of the seeds comes with a total of 9 amino acids. That makes them as good a protein source as flax and soy are. The latter two foods have high amounts of phytic acid. This makes it difficult for the body to digest their nutrients. The seeds' lack of these makes them an improvement on soy and protein shakes that often cause bloating in consumers.

The seeds can be made into an oil that works well with Asian cooking and salad dressing as it has a nutty flavor. They have also been turned into supplements in the form of protein powders and shakes. They're sometimes used in the form of milk.

Some believe that the seeds might improve concentration and immune function. There has been little evidence thus far to prove this, however. Tests with mice seem to show an improvement in immune function and memory. Their value as a food source is most widely known and used by professionals in the health industry.

The protein the seeds deliver is particularly well digested and absorbed at cellular level because it's so similar to what the body produces. It consists of edestine and albumin. Until now, vegans have had little option but to cope with the digestive complaints they suffer from soy but now they have a better alternative.

There are high levels of omega 3 and omega 6 in Hemp's seeds. They contain two polyunsaturated acids that are hard to find in other foods. They're an improvement on soy and canola oil, which are often the advised sources of fatty acids. The seeds' oil turns to peroxide at high temperatures so it can't be cooked with. If it's used to saute at temperatures beneath boiling point, it won't cause problems.

One of hemp's greatest benefits is that it's not a favorite of insects. Pesticides thus don't have to be used in large amounts. A natural food that's relatively free of toxins is difficult to find these days.

Cholesterol can be reduced through an increase in essential fatty acids. The seeds might also improve circulation and lower blood pressure by acting as an anti inflammatory. Fatty acids could be used to help treat depression. Always consult a GP before using natural products as medicinal treatments. The hemp seed benefits are also introduced through fiber, which is excellent for digestion.

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