​I first heard of henna for dying hair from my mother and her friends, way back in the 70's I remember as a little girl of about 4 or 5, sitting in on hippy Women's conversations . The room typically filled with incense, lighter-than-air, rainbow colored cheesecloth curtains floating around in the wind. Beanbags filled the floor. Beautiful, natural, hippie ladies discussed all manner of things...

These leisurely chats ranged from where should I paint a flower of life design on my body, to who was hotter, Mick Jagger or John Lennon, all the way through to what to use to change your hair color.

Today we refer to henna as a natural hair dye. However, back then, it wasn't called a 'natural dye' It's just what was used, in the times that pre date color and a wild dose of chemical in a bottle. There just were none, so the ancient secrets of henna were handed down instead; Mother to Daughter style.

Three years ago when I first started my journey along the natural living path, my old chemical dye had started to grow out. As I'm sure you know, that can get ugly fast. Not good for the self esteem. But I'd decided to finally grow it out. I could see a few greys too, but that I had to work out through soul searching and accepting that yes, I'm 40 and I WILL go grey. It's definately a process!

​So while pondering about how I would reconcile my desire to cover the awful LINE that growing out makes in ones hair, with my new found commitment to moving towards a natural way of life, those overheard conversations about henna bubbled to the surface of my memory.

What is Henna?
Scientifically speaking, henna is Lawsonia inermis. That's the Latin name of the plant this dye is derived from. Typically, the leaves are crushed into a find powder to enable the use of a paintbrush and ease of application. When applied to hair, it will intensify any red color in your hair and highlight the rest. Best used on light to medium colored hair. Black and dark brown haired people, I'm sorry! It just doesn't show up very well.

How To Use Henna - It's super easy!

1. henna powder
2. a mixing container - glass preferably
3. paintbrush
4. something to cover your hair that you are willing to sacrifice ie towel or plastic wrap

Putting It Altogether
1. Carefully mix a little water at a time into a premeasured half cup of powder (for long hair. Short hair will only require a quarter cup) You are looking to make a gooey paste consistancy, so only a few drops at a time until you can pick it up like mud.

2. Rub it in. All over if you like, if you are looking for a streaky effect, then just rub small sections, leaving small sections inbetween untouched.

3. Wait. The amount you will wait will depend on how deep you want your color. I recommend half an hour for a light dye up to a few hours for quite a few shades difference.
Henna hand! ...don't worry, it washes/wears off in an hour or two.
4. Condition your hair with some organic honey and/or a light rub of coconut oil.
Play with the times. Start with a light dye, see how you like it. If you hate it, the good news is that it will fade out, in a natural way, in a few weeks.

Oh, and those mother daughter conversations...well, they are a life affirming joy that I now get to hand down, along the ancestral line, to my own daughters. We need more of that. Please share what you learn with your own female relatives, especially your daughters. What a wonderful way to share some bonding time together!

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