There are numerous sinusitis remedies in the market today, both herbal and chemical. Chemical related remedies are prevalent in the market, but it may also have some side effects. Since everybody contracts sinusitis at one point or another, as this usually follows the common cold, this article is all about natural sinusitis remedies that you can try to minimize the inflammation and help you get better soon.

Herbal Medication

Some herbal medication work great as great sinusitis remedies . Some examples include:

1. Brolemain - this is an enzyme derived from pineapples. It assists in breaking down mucus, relieves some symptoms of sinusitis, and also helps with fighting infections.

2. Echinacea - Echinacea is an anti inflammatory and leads the list of immunostimulators. This inhibits the production of an enzyme in bacteria whose job is to attack and penetrate the mucus membrane.

3. Olive leaf extract and goldenseal - these two are very effective in fighting bacterial and fungal infections.

4. Vitamin C - known for boosting the immune system, vitamin C is also a great sinusitis remedy because it helps reduce the level of histamine, which causes inflammation.

5. Zinc - this is a nutrient that can kill the common cold virus. It's beneficial because since it shortens the span of a cold, it also reduces the possibility that your cold will turn into sinusitis. This is also essential to reduce pain and prevent inflammation.

6. Quercetin - this is a flavonoid that occurs naturally in fruits and vegetables. This aids vitamin C and assists in the reduction of histamine as well.

Other than these herbal options, here are also some home sinusitis remedies that you can try.

1. Mangoes - mangoes contribute to the creation of healthy epithelium because of a healthy dose of vitamin A found in the fruit. This helps prevent frequent attacks of common infections.

2. Garlic and onion - pungent foods can assist in opening the nasal passages and promote expelling mucus. You may also add these in small amounts to regular meals.

3. Cumin seeds - a teaspoon of black cumin seeds tied in a light cloth can provide relief when inhaled.

4. Vegetable juice - there's no limit of vegetables that you can use to combat sinusitis. The most common vegetables include carrots and spinach.

5. Vitamins A and C - vitamins A and C are known to be great sinusitis remedies. This helps build healthy mucus membrane in the nose and throat and boosts your immune system.

These are just some examples of herbal and home sinusitis remedies you can try. Of course, you may also want to use traditional remedies like steam inhalation and nasal irrigation. Whichever remedy you choose, just make sure that you take the proper dosage and do not overdo it - your nasal cavity also needs time to heal and overdoing the herbal medication may cause it to dry up even more, resulting in inflammation.

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