Hair is one of the biggest aspects of beauty and have millions of products world wide devoted to these two areas of the body. We all want lovely skin and hair and that goes without saying.

There are many healthy hair care products in the market but before you slather these on make sure your diet is balanced and contains plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits and fish. Drinking water and eating plant and lean meat protein can be most beneficial for skin and hair.

Hair loss for those who suffer from it can be difficult. Hair loss for women can especially be defeating. There are many reasons for hair loss. It could be due to medication, treatments, surgery, stress, hair loss conditions like alopecia and other factors. Chemotherapy and other very strong treatments can often affect the hair adversely. Although there are no miracle remedies, many herbs and herbal remedies are thought to be useful for growing back hair. Herbs such as Rosemary and Bay can produce stimulating effects on the scalp and encourage or regenerate hair growth. Many hair lotions for hair growth often contain these herbs in them. The trick with herbal solutions is regular usage produces results; it is not a one off remedy.

Some natural supplements and tinctures skin hair and nails can also be effective. Many hair supplements contain biotin which is beneficial for hair growth and tinctures that contain Horsetail Herb which has a silica content has been known for its use for hair growth.

Hair needs care particularly as we put it through so much. Seasonal changes, hair straighteners, hair dryers and colouring all take their toll on the hair and sometimes may contribute to thinning and tired hair. Some good hair upkeep habits are to give it a break. Leave it natural, and let it dry naturally. Buy a nice virgin coconut oil or Avocado oil and massage into the scalp at least once a week to rejuvenate and nourish the scalp. Fushi Argan oil is also excellent for hair that is frizzy. Products for organic skin care and hair care products are now of really good quality and contain only natural ingredients.

By massaging the scalp you will stimulate the hair follicles and encourage healthier growth and a healthier scalp. The actual oil coats the hair and strengthen the hair shaft leaving it conditioned and shinier after washing.

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Use oils like Virgin Coconut oil and Rosehip oil for hair and skin to keep them healthy and shiny. Argan oil is the best option when you want to look young – best anti ageing oil