Our familiarity with herbs and their uses for health and beauty is increasing as we are able to access more information and read about many different herbs and their uses. The holistic lifestyle is looked upon as an environmental friendly and as many of us lean to eco living, almost naturally herbs and herbal remedies become part of it. Natural beauty products have filled up the market and there are more organic and natural brands online now. Herbal remedies and herbal tinctures are becoming popular for those who seek a natural remedy for every day health concerns.

Most herbs have their own specific uses and benefits for health and for beauty. For instance horsetail herb is known for its benefit for skin and for hair, Rosemary is known for its circulatory benefits and Dandelion Root for its detoxing properties.
Many hair care products and skin care products are formulated using herbs. Herbs and nut oils such as organic Argan oil, Brahmi and Calendula are used for many hair and beauty products.

Herbal solutions for everyday health concerns are available in tinctures and herbal supplements. There are special remedy blends for sleep, stress, detox, allergy, menopause, PMS, depression, joint pain, candida and other such ailments. Herbal blends may contain a combination of herbs that work together to synergistically help provide a solution. Certain herbal tinctures are single tincture which is only one herb and much work very well singularly. Herbs such as Valerian for sleep, Passion Flower for stress, Astragalus for the immune system and Thyme for ace are all top sellers.

Herbal supplements work along the same lines and can be blends or simply the single herb. These days organic herbal supplements are also available as are the wild crafted herbs. Herbs and herbal extracts can be very beneficial for health and wellbeing. It is advisable o seek advise from qualified herbalist for best prescription and dosage advice. If you happen to be taking medication as well, it might be a good idea to check with your doctor as some herbs can have contraindications and react with pharmaceutical medicine. Also try and source organic herbs that are in capsule form, rather than tablets.

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