Leucorrhea is commonly known as white vaginal discharge. Moreover, this problem can be characterized by the discharge of yellowish white fluid from the vaginal region of a female. Furthermore, this problem is also called as whites, because the color of discharged fluid is whitish. However, this problem occurs because of some defect in the female's reproductive system, due to which reproductive organs are unable to work properly. Besides, this problem may last for few weeks or, for few months. But, it is not a problem that can be solved by ignoring, because it may become chronic with the time.

Nevertheless, there are some symptoms that may tell that the female is suffering from the vaginal discharge. Firstly, this problem will weaken the body, and form dark circles under the eye. Secondly, frequent headaches may occur due to improper functioning of the reproductive organs. Thirdly, chronic constipation may be due to some problem in reproductive system. Fourthly, the patient might suffer from severe cramps in the lumbar region. And, the most common symptom is whitish discharge from the vaginal tract.

However, the herbs are used to treat this problem since ancient times, because they are both, safe and effective. Moreover, the herbs used in the herbal remedies for leucorrhea are collected from the natural regions, due to which they combine with the body's biology easily. In addition, the herbs strengthen the entire functioning of the body. And, they support the functioning of the vital organs to treat problem quickly. Besides, herbal remedies for leucorrhea consists of potent herbs that are useful for various other weaknesses, for instance low libido in women. On the other hand, they enhance and improve the functioning of the reproductive organs to make reproductive system more efficient. So, some herbal remedies for leucorrhea are mentioned ahead that may help to overcome this unwanted problem.

1. Amaranth is considered as one of the most effective herbal remedies for leucorrhea. Moreover, rub the rind of the root of the amaranth in twenty five milliliter of water. Afterwards, strain and give it to patient in the morning and, in the evening on regular basis. However, the leaves and branches can also be used, if the root is not available.

2. Transversely cut 100 gm. of fresh Ladyfinger. Now, boil it in half liter of water for 20 minutes. Afterwards, strain the decoction, and drink 60 ml to 90 ml frequently. It is one of the most useful herbal remedies for leucorrhea.

3. Fenugreek seeds are also used in the herbal remedies for leucorrhea. Moreover, it can be taken in the form of tea as well as douche. However, the solution for douche must be stronger than the tea. Furthermore, simmer 2 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in a liter of cold water for 30 minutes on a low flame. And, this decoction is used as a douche.

4. The leaves of Guava can be used as douche to treat vaginal discharge. Moreover, the leaves are powerful vaginal astringent.

5. The decoction of the fresh leaves of the Walnut tree is one of the most beneficial herbal remedies for leucorrhea, because they contain important astringent chemicals.

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